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Within three days, almost all Hollywood films in the next two months will be cleaned up. 

 among them, Hua Mulan is the most haunting film for Chinese audiences. 

 it is true that since 2015, the film about the first Chinese Princess of Disney has been expected by mainland audiences. Before the official announcement, Mulan had released three full-length previews, two theme music mv's, several TV short previews and dozens of posters, and had fully opened the pre-sale. 

 in addition, although the film premieres originally scheduled in Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris and other places were cancelled due to the epidemic, Disney still invested heavily in holding the two biggest film premieres in Los Angeles and London in 2020. 

 "Disney can't be withdrawn, otherwise 200 million publicity fee will be wasted.". This is the view expressed many times a week ago by many film fans and fans. However, in the face of the rapid spread of pneumonia, all the publicity logic of the film market is not feasible. 

 therefore, the saying that "the film was forced to be withdrawn from the archives, resulting in the total waste of publicity and distribution costs" has been widely discussed again. Today, let's talk about the impact of file withdrawal on the publicity and distribution of a movie. Is it really that big? Where are the publicity and distribution fees of the emergency exit films wasted? 

 to study this problem, we need to return to the ultimate goal of film publicity. 

 film distribution with large film arrangement fee 

 first of all, in terms of distribution, the most important purpose of film distribution is to take effective measures to improve the film's first week / first day arrangement. For Spring Festival films, it is to strive for the arrangement and times of the first day of the new year. 

 before the pre-sale of the film, and even since November last year, the resident distribution of the head project of the Spring Festival archives has started to communicate with the cinema. According to the insiders, tens of millions of film arrangement fees have been invested in the head projects of the Spring Festival. The total arrangement fees of seven films are more than 200 million, and most of them have been paid. 

 therefore, the most direct loss of the emergency file withdrawal is the film arrangement fee. 

 although from 2 Since the first ten days of the middle month, there have been several spring festival film makers who have asked the studios to refund the "arrangement fee" of the spring festival film. Many studios have refunded the fee, but the money is obviously a life-saving money for many studios that are on the verge of bankruptcy. Many arrangement fees have not been returned to the film distributors. However, even if there is no refund, the studios and theaters also guarantee that they will give higher film arrangement preferential treatment after the film is rescheduled. 

 but it is undeniable that the arrangement cost of Spring Festival films is much higher than other schedules. If the film is rescheduled in the Spring Festival of 2021, it's OK to say that if it's just a regular schedule, it's inevitable that it will be "big money and small use". It is conservatively estimated that about 30% - 50% of the issuance cost will be wasted. 

 in addition to the film arrangement fee, due to the change of schedule, the position materials of the film must be replaced before re release, which is also a large expense. If the film is re cut, the digital copy fee is also a necessary expense. 

 do movie materials need to be redone after they are retargeted? 

 if the KPI corresponding to film distribution is film arrangement, the purpose of film marketing is film popularity and attendance on the first day / week. Unlike film distribution, more than 90% of the distribution costs will be spent before the film is released, while the film marketing costs need to be analyzed specifically for specific projects. 

 there is no doubt that the production and dissemination of film promotional materials is an important part of marketing. The same is true for this year's Spring Festival films. Since the time of withdrawing the film is January 23, two days before the film is released (one day for new year's Eve films), most of the films have released almost all the previews, posters and MVs. Only some of the over 100 million posters that need to be released after the release and the production of special features are retained. Among them, each material may have hundreds of thousands of production costs and hundreds of thousands of promotion costs. For example, at 10:00 a.m. on January 23, emergency rescue released the final notice of the film in guanbo, but at 1:00 p.m. it was faced with an emergency withdrawal. 

 is it a waste of more than half of the total material cost of the Spring Festival films? After the film is re filed, do you need to cut some new trailers and make some new posters, or just change a date based on the old trailers and posters? 

 for example, for the "Chinatown detective 3" which is the best in the pre-sale of the Spring Festival, the most popular and the most promising to hit the box office of 4 billion, the early publicity and distribution expenses are extremely high, and 1 The layout of "Chinatown detective" online drama, which starts in January, is also crucial to the promotion of the popularity of the film before its release, and the change of schedule also weakens this bonus. 

 as the only film that focuses on comedy elements in the spring festival film after the launch of "lost Mom" in advance, some materials before the film is withdrawn may not be "recycled" again. For example, Liu Dehua's promotion song "congratulations to fortune 2020", which is in line with the spring festival atmosphere, and the red full line-up posters with the main color representing the Spring Festival, will also be re produced after the film is re filed. 

 and Jiang Ziya saved bullets at the last moment. As one of the most critical materials, Guoman's "happy four immortals" single MV was originally planned to debut on January 21 It was released on Sunday and evening, but it is speculated that the film side felt in advance that the epidemic would have a great negative impact on the Spring Festival archives, so it was specially reserved, which also added chips to the publicity and distribution of the film after the re filing. 

 in addition to some materials that need to be remade, the marketing strategy of the film also needs to be changed. As the most special schedule of the year, the marketing strategy of Spring Festival is essentially different from other schedules. Some of the different businesses suitable for the Spring Festival archives may also need to be redeployed if they are transferred to the summer or national day archives. This is also part of the waste of publicity costs. 

 however, as long as these films can be re released within the year, sir thinks that only 1-2 re production is needed New materials are enough to arouse the audience's enthusiasm for the film. After all, most of the audience will not only have the memory of fish. Although the withdrawal of the film is bound to bring losses to the film, such losses are not terrible or even destructive. Forced to postpone "Fanghua" for three months and "young you" for four months, they all re released, and achieved good box office results. 

 it will cost so much to re publicize hair. Can bare hair succeed? 

 since there is so much more to be spent on the re release and publicity, can't naked hair really work? 

 up to now, the most typical case of naked hair project is "you in youth". 

 you of the youth was originally scheduled for June 27, and actually had a high investment in publicity and distribution before it was officially withdrawn. After all, the original plan of the film was to be released on the same schedule as Spiderman: the heroic expedition, and the publicity could not be weak. 

 however, due to special circumstances, the film was withdrawn three days before its release, and it was determined three days in advance, with special restrictions, resulting in almost naked hair when it was finally released. In addition to the release of fixed materials and normal maintenance of official blog, the biggest expenditure may be due to the overtime delivery copy during emergency fixed files. 

 but this is also because of the special situation - the exclusive cold span of the film. On October 25, there were no competitive films around. The original "liberation, final rescue" and "Hollywood past" were also temporarily withdrawn to reserve space for film arrangement. It can be said that the distributor can naturally obtain higher film arrangement without giving the cinema a penny. In terms of hot marketing, as early as the middle of June, the film already had a high degree of desire to watch. In addition, the temporary withdrawal + finalization also promoted the popularity of the film in objective conditions, and finally made the film obtain a market result of 1.5 billion +. 

 can this situation be replicated? The answer is No. 

 in order to copy you as a teenager, first of all, you must meet three conditions at the same time - cold schedule + expected box office volume (within 2 billion) is not too high + the original high heat. No matter it is the spring festival film or the original domestic film and imported film in February and March do not meet this condition. For the head project of the Spring Festival, although the high heat can save a lot of publicity and distribution costs when the cold schedule is reset, the schedule bonus without holidays will certainly lead to the film will not have a high box office ceiling. For ordinary films without high popularity, if you have bare hair, even during the ordinary holiday, unless you have a high reputation, it will be a three-day tour. 
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