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, I feel very touched by this question. I think of my chat with a primary school student who had not been contacted for more than ten years when he was studying in the United States. 

She told me that she envied one of her friends and found an office job from nine to five. 

I asked her, do you all want to do this kind of work? She said yes, or what? 

I think it's amazing why some young people like to do this kind of time consuming work with fixed time every day and no practical significance. 

Then I suddenly understood. After all, they have been living in cities with backward economy and have never studied in Universities before, so they think that this kind of working and living condition is good. 

As a doctor studying in the United States, I have experienced many things and experienced many aspects of the world. My idea of life and work is totally different: I want to win 50 million lottery tickets and buy several houses to lie at home without work as a charter party.


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