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Seeing this problem, many fans will surely think of those stars who have self destructed their future due to various kinds of self-discipline (even drug abuse) such as drinking and playing. 

So I decided to tell a different story. 
Vincent pericard always felt that he would have a perfect career. 

He was born in Cameroon in 1982, but moved to France with his parents when he was four. At the age of six, he joined the famous Saint Etienne youth training camp and was a goal scoring super striker at all levels of the youth team. In this club, which has been out of Platini and other football giants, young perriccarde is full of the idea that he will be the next king of the world. 

This is how the plot started. As expected, pericard acquired French nationality and began to represent French youth teams and youth teams at all levels in international competitions. In 1999, at the age of 17, he was promoted to the first team of Saint Etienne and played two league games for the team. 

There were no goals in both games, but a spirited and positive striker was seen. In addition, he continued to fight for the youth team, many big clubs have thrown olive branch. 

At the end of that season, Juventus took the lead in signing pericard with a check. The crowd media sent congratulatory messages. French TV even made a special documentary film for the 18-year-old black boy, named "the future worth billions of men". 

The billions may be too much exaggeration, but in most people's eyes, pericard has embarked on the grand road of his predecessor Platini. 

He thinks so, too. In his first season, he accumulated strength in the youth team. In the second season, he began to get the chance to practice with the first-team stars, and made his debut in the Champions League against Arsenal in March 2002. 

Promotion, salary increase, becoming an international star, going to the top of life, everything seems to be in front of us. Well, it seems that it's almost time to marry Bai Fumei 

At that time, Juve also wanted to train him on the way to an international star. In the training ground, he is the target of the youth team coach and the first team coach. Outside the training ground, the club specially arranged a good-looking and hot female tutor to help Perry card and two other French players learn Italian together to help them better integrate into the team. 

Wait a minute, good face, hot body, learning foreign languages Why is there something wrong? 

Where has 20-year-old sanguine seen such a posture? Perriccard thought for a second: does the club want to help him arrange "Marrying Bai Fumei"? 

Heart is not as good as action, life has always been smooth, he in a day after class, to the beautiful tutor sent a message, about her to go out and have a drink with the students. It is said that the words are more explicit. 

The tutor didn't reply to the text, but pericard received a call from a strange number an hour later. When he pressed the answer button, there was an angry man shouting, "labor is Robert Bettega, what do you mean when you ask my girlfriend?" 

Pericard's first reaction was to be ignorant, and his second was to Finished. 

Who is Robert Bettega? Juve star, who won the top scorer in Serie A when playing football, is nicknamed "white feather" for his superb shooting skills and half white hair. After retiring, he joined the management of the club and sat down as the vice chairman of Juve. At that time, he just replaced Florentino and became the chairman of the Executive Committee of G14 of the European Club Alliance. 

All in all, at Juventus this is the big one. Looking for beautiful women to tutor pericard is not to solve life's problems for the young man, but to take care of the big man's personal relationship. 

The next day, Bettega called three French players, including pericard, to his office and denounced the childish idea that they didn't learn a foreign language well and were full of that business. 

A month later, Juventus loaned pericard to Portsmouth. Although he had a good performance on loan, he also helped Portsmouth to the Premier League as a regular. However, Juve never gave him any chance, and in 2003 they sold him to England. 

Then, pericard's career began to turn 180 degrees. 

In 2003-04 season, he suffered serious injury of thigh muscle and cruciate ligament. He has not played several games for Portsmouth, let alone scored in any league. He was sold to Stoke City in 2006 after a loan spell. There, however, perriccardo failed to respond to the expectations of that year, scoring only two goals in 38 appearances, and was loaned to Southampton and Millwall. 

The sudden suspension of Juve's career, continuous serious injuries and declining performance have made pericard's psychology seriously hit. The self-confident young man began to shut himself up in a dark room after the training. He didn't talk to anyone. He felt that he was worthless and even touched the idea of Qingsheng. 

In 2009, when his contract with Stoke expired, he began to move from championship to League one and then to League two. At the age of 30, he chose to retire as an England National League (fifth level) player. 

There are obviously many reasons for pericard's tragedy. There are countless young talents in the football world, but there are only a few who finally reach the top. What's more, if he really has enough competitive level and psychological endurance, even if he leaves Juventus, he will have the chance to enter the top club again. 

But in an interview after pericard retired, he still insisted that injuries were the second reason why he failed to fulfill his talent. The first reason was that he picked up the wrong person: "without that message, my life would be totally different!" 

But then he started a new career, focusing on the mental health of the players. So the saying also became "that text message is not the key, the key is that the media pay close attention to it all day and destroy me!" 

Although, this is what he exposed to the media in those days


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