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First of all, it needs to be explained: in any industry, unless you are the first group to do it, or although you are the latecomer, but have strong financial and technical support, it is not easy to start a business. 

The reason is very simple: 
 if the industry threshold is low, everyone is doing it. Why can you succeed? If the industry threshold is high, why do you cross it? 

I always firmly believe that there is no pie in the sky - even if it falls once in a while, there are so many people on the earth, it may not hit your head. 

Don't talk too much. Let's get to the point. 

In a simple way, use a mind map to summarize the main contents of my answer:

 1. Determine the content direction 

The outline of this part is as follows:

 1. Reference dimension 

There are two main reference dimensions from the macro perspective - from their own considerations, from the product industry considerations. 

From their own point of view, we should mainly consider three questions: what field are you good at? What do people around me think are my highlights? What field am I interested in? 

Generally speaking, only when you are interested in the field, can you have the power to continuously output; only when you are good at the field, can you output high-quality dry goods; only when you are praised as a bright spot, can you attract other people's attention. 

But in reality, there are often situations that are good at but not interested in, interested in but at a general level. At this time, we need to make a comprehensive measurement and choice. Finally, if we can be both interested in and good at it, it is best. If we can only do one of them, we may as well choose a right direction and work hard, and the effort will pay off in the end. 

Of course, you can't just think about yourself, you have to look at the environment of the target industry. Making short video is a two-way process. You can't just like it. You have to like it. 

So you also need to consider whether you can accurately locate users in your chosen field? Can we naturally cut into brand advertising when we need to cash in? Is it easy to gain user trust without making yourself look like a civil science? Is the user conversion rate high? 

Here I will focus on the problem of 
 accurate positioning of users and user conversion rate 

For example: if your video content is posted today, popular science is conducted tomorrow, and games are played the day after tomorrow, then I believe it's hard for users who see your video to figure out what your personal settings are, and you can't build up the image of a person who is an expert in a certain field. In this case, they usually don't pay attention to you - because you don't have enough data to prove that you are worthy of his attention in a certain aspect, which It's called inaccurate positioning of users. In this way, your video user conversion rate will be very low. In addition, if the content you send is vertical enough, but the value is limited, and the user conversion rate is also limited - it's like that you know how to answer entertainment gossip questions, even if you like it very much, but few people pay attention to it. 

 2. Feasibility judgment 

When you finally determine an area through overall analysis, the next work is to carry out feasibility analysis in this area. 
, we can use Kwai melon data to analyze fixed fields on the platform such as shaking, fast, B, second, and micro vision. Take the data of tiktok, 
 as an example:
Click the anchor leaderboard, and click the corresponding industry according to your needs. 

For example, if I select the weekly food list, the following pictures will appear:

The data of big V's in this field are all at a glance, so we can determine whether the field is feasible and what kind of content fans are most concerned about. 
, of course, we can also look at some periodic reports in the industry to determine the feasibility of the data, such as the areas where the most Kwai users in the report are interested: 

However, the report cycle is relatively long and the statistics are irregular, which is not as convenient as the real-time data on the flying melon data. 

 3. Fine analysis of users in the vertical domain 

This step of analysis is for the purpose of more accurate push and faster access to traffic in the later stage. An overview of mind mapping for dimensions of analysis is as follows:

Take Li Ziqi, who is popular all over the world, for example. Some data of her fan attributes are as follows:

The impression of her fans is as follows:

We can also analyze the professional attributes and consumption ability of fans to further refine the analysis of users. There are many websites for data analysis on the Internet, and you can search by yourself. 

We can also analyze the highlights and advantages of short videos of big vs:

 4. Collect content material 

Or draw a map of requirements and target platform:

This part is easy to understand. I will not expand it in detail. You can collect the corresponding platform directly according to your needs. 

 2. Select publishing platform 

At present, the main short video platforms in China are as follows:

 tiktok and Kwai Fu are the binary stars in the flow level. Any short video creation is basically not mainstream if not on these two platforms. 

It is suggested that the main idea is to shake fast at the beginning, and to consciously release your works on multiple platforms when they are gradually mature. People with more energy can even create matrices with multiple platforms and multiple accounts - now many big vs do so. 

These platforms are basically the products of major domestic Internet companies. For the basic information of each platform, you can baidu yourself, and I will not expand them in detail. 

 3. Account card design

After selecting the platform, of course, it is to register the account and design the business card of the account to attract the fans' long-term attention to the greatest extent. The processes and contents involved are as follows:

 1. Register 

This often online know that whether it is a website main video or graphics and text, their registration procedures are similar. I'd like to emphasize one point here: it's better to register with your mobile phone number when you register, so that you can quickly log in with the verification code most of the time, which is very convenient; in addition, you must set a login password, so that if you change your mobile phone number or your mobile phone is not around, you can also log in your account on the computer or other mobile phone / mobile phone number, which is called once and for all. 

 2. Head portrait 

It's very important to choose a good head portrait. It can help users remember you quickly. It is suggested that you choose the high definition, impressive, content theme and non mainstream avatars. Don't use whatever you want. This will make many people attracted by your content but decided not to pay attention to you because they dislike your avatar. Why should you oppose yourself? 

 3. Signature 

Signature is best to reflect the content characteristics of the platform, on this basis, simplicity is better. Try to avoid signing WeChat official account and micro-blog words, and actually want to use them instead of Pinyin. Of course, just like QQ signature, you can also design your own signature as a feeling of life or recent mood, etc., but it's better not to be too negative. 

 4. Nickname 

As for nicknames, there are different opinions. Nicknames and account development prospects are not necessarily related, but considering the problems of multi platform and long-term development, I suggest that entrepreneurs unify their account nicknames on various platforms, which is conducive to expanding their influence. And the best nickname can afford to be artistic, lovely and humorous. Otherwise, it's too late to change it later. 

 5. Certification 

Seriously, we generally mean adding V, mainly including personal certification, enterprise certification, agency certification and so on. If the entrepreneur is an individual, it is recommended to apply for official personal qualification. Tiktok, for example, usually sends video numbers up to 1, and fans can get official certification if they have over 10000 mobile phone numbers. Users who get authentication often get more traffic recommendation opportunities. Although the effect is not as good as before, it is better than nothing. 

 6. Binding 

This is mainly mobile phone number, third-party account binding and so on, which can drain each other across platforms. 

 7. Title 

There are two requirements for the title: to express the author's core ideas and to attract attention. 

 8. Topic 

When you post a short video, there is an option to let you talk. Topic selection is mainly based on large flow and suitable topic. 

 9. Address 

This is mainly to add your location when publishing short videos. The advantage of choosing the location is that it is easy to cause the sense of belonging and identity of the "villagers". 

 10. Sharing range 

Unless you really don't want someone to see it, it's best to set the sharing scope to be publicly visible without explanation. 

 IV. pre shooting 

If a worker wants to do good things, he must first sharpen his tools. Although a lot of times the mobile phone can meet the needs of shooting, if you want to make your video clear and high-end atmosphere, you can


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