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My grandfather was a graduate of Aviation Department of Central University before liberation. After the victory of the Anti Japanese War, he joined the Northeast Democratic United Army and worked as a mechanical instructor in Mudanjiang aviation school. During the period of anti us and aid Korea, he served as the maintenance director of a volunteer Air Force Regiment, and later was sent to the Soviet Union to study. 

After returning to China, he successively served as a teacher of the Engineering Department of the Harbin military industry air force, a senior engineer of an aircraft manufacturing plant and a senior engineer of a research institute. Specializing in aircraft structural strength research for many years, he was also an academic authority in the professional field. 

In the early 1990s, Grandpa retired, but he still taught everywhere. Once in the plane, Grandpa sat in the back half of the plane, the seat close to the porthole. Shortly after the plane took off, the old man thought there was something wrong with the wing. He saw through the porthole that the wing vibrated too much, so he immediately tore a page off his notebook. 

Write the following words on it -

Comrade captain:

My name is XXX. I am a retired senior engineer in a certain unit of the Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics. I have been engaged in aircraft structure research for many years. I just found out that the right wing of our plane is faulty. 

The fault is XXXX, and the cause of the fault is XXXX. It is recommended to return immediately. 

Here are some suggestions. 

After writing it, he quietly handed it to the stewardess and told the stewardess to give it to the captain immediately. 

The captain actually felt that there was something wrong with the plane, but he was not sure what the problem was. Seeing my grandfather's note, he immediately decided to return. 

My grandfather also took advantage of the time before the plane landed, wrote a wing overhaul proposal, and handed it to the captain when he got off the plane. 

Later, China Eastern also went to the door to thank my grandfather for this. He sent me a certificate of commendation and 10000 yuan. He left the certificate and returned the money. 

At that time, many of the leaders in charge of the safety work of the civil aviation system were his students or younger generation, so Grandpa wrote a letter to the leaders of China Eastern Airlines, suggesting that the 10000 yuan should be used as a bonus to those maintenance personnel who had outstanding performance in ensuring the safety of the aircraft flight. 

Later, China Eastern Airlines really gave the 10000 yuan as a bonus to the maintenance personnel responsible for aircraft safety. 
I found that many netizens are very interested in what's wrong with the plane, which I didn't expect. Let me talk about the specific situation. 

Since my undergraduate course is Northwestern Polytechnic University, one of the predecessors of Northwestern Polytechnic University is the Aviation Department of Central University, so I have always been at home as my grandfather's alumni. Although my university is studying electronics, but also on this issue and grandpa in-depth discussion. 

According to Grandpa, the situation at that time was that the metal fatigue fracture led to the failure of some metal components of the wing, which affected the stability of the wing. If it is not found immediately, there will be no crash, but it will cause irreversible damage to the wing. In the 1990s, most of the parts of the airliner needed to be imported, while the people of Grandpa's time always had a feeling of home and country, and the idea of saving every penny for the country was deeply rooted in the marrow, which was his motivation to suggest that the plane should return. 

This situation is not a routine inspection item, so it is not a dereliction of duty for the maintenance personnel. However, if the maintenance personnel are more experienced or have a stronger sense of responsibility, they may find problems in advance. This is Grandpa's original intention to return the ten thousand yuan to the airline and suggest that it be given to the maintenance personnel as a bonus.


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