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 real case adaptation, there can be no such wonderful police and bandit drama 

At the beginning of the 20th century, many excellent police and bandit dramas appeared in the mainland. 

For example, there are 13 homicides in 2000, China criminal investigation No.1 in 2002, black hole in 2001, and the nature of criminal police in 1999. 


Liu Huaqiang, played by sun Honglei, is too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, leaving a black boss image that is almost impossible to surpass in the field of similar theme dramas in China. 

If there is no 2015 extreme challenge, sun Honglei is still the "land stall killer" in the hearts of the whole nation. If there is not a single word, he will cut people down, not Yan wangsun. 

<img class="content-image" src=" https://pic3.zhimg.com/v2-b701c000a56d59cd845a0a78c6d0f096_ b. As a police and bandit drama, conquest is only 20 episodes in length, but it is one of the most influential TV dramas in China. 

At that time, Gao Qunshu, who had not yet become a famous director, and sun Honglei, who had not yet been promoted to a star, worked together to create a jaw dropping audience miracle. 

Sun Honglei also endows Liu Huaqiang, the villain, with infinite charm, which makes the changes of the psychological state of the characters in the process of crime remarkable. 

At the same time, there are three famous scenes in conquest. 


Liu Huaqiang celebrates his daughter's birthday, but the watermelon his ex-wife bought was not only raw melon and eggs, but also short of weight. He immediately decided to find a vendor the next day to settle the bill. 

The next day, Liu Huaqiang rode his motorcycle to the watermelon stall, deliberately speaking to the peddler in a provocative tone, forcing him to get angry. 

After discovering the iron sucker he placed under the scale, he split his melon with a knife and gave it to the peddler for a while. 


Song Hu, the former leader of the underworld, took his brother as an intermediary to the hotel to mediate the dispute between Liu Huaqiang and Zhao Xiangsheng over borrowing money. 

During this period, song tiger's younger brother didn't understand the general situation and spoke rudely to Liu Huaqiang. He had never been so humiliated, so he naturally refused to give up. 

In the face of song tiger's aggressive "young people should not be too angry", Liu Huaqiang directly threw out the line of the root of all evils: "it's still young people who are not angry.". 


Due to some conflicts between Feng Biao and Liu Huaqiang, Feng Biao seeks revenge from Liu Huaqiang everywhere, but Liu Huaqiang takes the first step to surround Feng Biao and his group who drink in the restaurant with guns. 

In the restaurant, Liu Huaqiang humiliated Feng Biao and gave him three chances to shoot himself. But Feng Biao knew that he could not do it, or he and his brothers would die on the spot. 

So there is the saying "give you a chance, you can't use it.". 

<img class="content-image" src=" https://pic4.zhimg.com/v2-da8f4ee6a2b990a555c11d579ae7facf_ b. Sun Honglei's acting skills in the play have to be mentioned. Although he was only a small actor at that time, he did not hinder him to show his superb acting skills. There are many representative clips, such as the dumb in the hospital. 

As the black boss, Liu Huaqiang's every move will be noticed by the police. In addition, his brother Liu Huawen has been cut off and treated in the hospital, making him a more focused object. 

In order to go to the hospital to see his brother who was seriously injured and know something about him, Liu Huaqiang pretended to be a water delivery worker and carried a bucket of water to the elevator of the hospital. 

This is the background of the story. Next, sun Honglei began to perform at the textbook level. 


When he saw two policemen running from the door to the elevator, his eyes changed from peace to fear and shock in less than a second. 

Then he turned his back and moved his eyes left and right. His right hand reached into his pocket. He was ready to fight hard at any time. When the police came, he stood still. 

When the police blurted out "I know Liu Huaqiang, who is almost the same as this guy", he realized that he was safe for a while, and became a silly mute. 

<img class="content-image" src=" https://pic2.zhimg.com/v2-fd134547a94ecfb2dccacf83342472ed_ b. However, the crisis has not been completely resolved. 

When the elevator reached the second floor, there were two plain clothes standing outside the door. Liu Huaqiang showed his fierce eyes first because he didn't have much affection for these policemen. 

After perceiving that he did not do it properly, he immediately changed his eyes into a normal slightly tired state, and walked by the plain clothes if nothing happened. 

Most admirable of all, under the eyes of a group of plain clothes, he walked through Liu Huawen's ward carrying a mineral water bucket, and even smiled at him. 

In this performance of changing emotional levels, sun Honglei put a criminal with strong psychological quality, high intelligence and courage into the audience. 


Liu Huaqiang's prototype was Zhang Baolin, the famous black eldest, and his younger brother Liu Huawen's prototype was Zhang Baoyi, Zhang Baolin's younger brother. 

Wu Tian's prototype is Ding Xu, the first batch of businessmen in Shijiazhuang to open a game hall to earn money; Feng Biao's prototype is sun Dahong, who started Ding Xu's business first, and later started his own. 

The prototype of Han Yueping, Liu Huaqiang's subordinate, is Hao Yi with a wife; the prototype of song tiger is Ma laodun, the first batch of gangsters in Shijiazhuang. 


After sun Dahong left, Zhang Baolin became a spectator for Ding Xu. Although they were not many, they were ruthless. Almost everyone in the core members had guns. 

As long as someone makes trouble, they will draw a gun and threaten. Gradually, the traffic of Ding Xu's game hall becomes less and less, and Ding Xu dismisses Zhang Baolin. 

However, Zhang Baolin still asked him for money many times. Ding Xu immediately asked sun Dahong to discuss countermeasures. After discussion, sun Dahong injured five of Zhang Baolin's subordinates. 

After that, Zhang Baolin called Hao Yi to shoot sun Dahong, but it didn't work, but it also made him lame with one leg and broken foot. He spent more than 100000 yuan on treatment after lying in the hospital for two years. 

 as for the contradiction between Zhang Baolin and Ma laodun, it originated from a quarrel and accident. 

Because sun Dahong was abandoned by Zhang Baolin, Ding Xu found a "respected" Ma laodun to adjust the gap between him and Zhang Baolin. 

However, when Zhang Baolin went to Guangzhou to purchase goods, his subordinates talked with Ma laodun. The two dialects didn't agree, and Ma laodun and his brother suffered losses. 


Ma laodun, who had no place to seek revenge, tied up Hao Yi's wife under Zhang Baolin and insulted him. After escaping, she chose to call the police. Ma laodun was sentenced to five years. 

This is also the origin of the two famous scenes in Conquest: are you a young man if you don't have the energy and opportunity. 


Sun Dahong, who couldn't find anyone, nearly killed Zhang Baolin's younger brother Zhang Baoyi. Knowing that his younger brother was so badly injured, Zhang Baolin rushed back from other places. 

Because he didn't know who was the murderer behind the scenes, Zhang Baolin decided to kill all the people who had feuded with him in these years, and Ding Xu and Ma laodun became the souls under the gun. 

Sun Dahong's early run, fortunately escaped a disaster, but he is still difficult to escape the legal sanctions, and Zhang Baolin was sentenced to death. 


In the past few years, the local tyrants, fish and meat people have used illegal means to amass huge wealth, injuring and killing several people. 

In 2006, Shijiazhuang public security bureau mobilized more than 400 police forces to secretly arrest Zhang Baoyi's Gang, and Zhang Baoyi was arrested. 

Among them, 10 people including Zhang Baoyi were sentenced to death, 4 people were sentenced to reprieve of death, 84 people were sentenced to life or fixed-term imprisonment, such punishment results are rare in the whole country. 


In the book of Three Kingdoms, Shu Shu Shu, biography of the first master, there is a saying: "do not take evil as small, do not take good as small." 

Don't believe "don't be a young man". Otherwise, you will repeat that story. You will be sentenced to three years and eight months in prison. When you come out, you will find that "Liu Huaqiang" is cute in a variety show.


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