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The reason I didn't have is very simple. At that time, the conditions at home were very common. The parents' salaries arranged for a month's daily expenses, shared some of Grandpa's medical expenses, and then kept a little for emergency use, so there was little left. I'm not a precocious child, but it's easy to communicate. My mother told me the reason why I couldn't buy it peacefully, and I nodded. 

But when Meiqing's brother rode a small tricycle and roared past me, I couldn't help but envy him. 

I really want to own a small tricycle of my own, even if it can't be owned, just for a ride. So I catch up with brother Meiqing, summon up my courage to discuss with him and lend me a ride. Mei Qing is two years older than me. He has dark skin and strong physique. He has always been the spiritual leader of our group of small hair. He listened to my request and refused. In fact, I don't remember what he specifically said at that time. What vaguely remains in my memory is the way Meiqing turned his head when he refused. As a child, I was not a persistent person. After being rejected by Meiqing, I could only walk home bitterly. 

I didn't expect that I was in despair. Brother Meiqing rode by me again. He said as he rode, 
 if you can run to catch up with him, lend me the tricycle! 
 (probably, I can't remember the specific words) hearing Meiqing's words, I didn't even think about it. I ran after Meiqing, but I was born with short legs like me. How can I speed up the three rounds of Meiqing's brother? I watched his figure getting farther and farther, smaller and smaller. After a curve, I couldn't see him at last. At that second, I was flustered. 

At that time, I was sweating, dazed, looking around, only to see a pile of strange sand dunes, trying to remember the road just passed, but I can't remember anything, the more I think about it, the more scared I am. I ran desperately to the top of the dune to see what was on that side of the dune. Fear and tension occupied my whole body. I didn't even know to pick up one of my shoes. 

At the same time, however, there are two people in the world who are as scared and confused as me. Yes, it's my father and my mother. They are looking for me all over the world like crazy. 

Listen to my mother, that day when my father came home from work, I was surprised to find that I was not at home. My mother told my father and his children were playing at the door. When my father heard it, it was broken. There was no one at the door. The child must have been lost! The two of them hurriedly went to my neighbor's children who often played together. They asked about a big circle. They heard that at last I played with brother Meiqing, hoping to knock on the door of brother Meiqing's house. They found that brother Meiqing was eating at home. After a lot of inquiries, they knew that this guy was afraid that I would ride his car. After a big circle, they threw me away and went home, so they didn't know that I was in the end Where did you lose it. My parents have no choice but to separate themselves from their neighbors based on the fragmentary information provided by Meiqing. 

Mother said that at that time, she was crying and searching, almost crazy. After being disappointed again and again, she suddenly found one of my shoes on the sand dune! The shoes were just a light in the dark. At that time, there was no mobile phone, so she couldn't inform my father and other neighbors, but her intuition told her that I should be nearby, so she ran to the huge pool beside the sand dune and shouted, for fear that I fell into the pool and didn't get my response. Then she ran up the sand dune and finally saw it not far away from the sand dune With a shoe, tears and a runny nose. 

At that moment, my mother was just the speed of the 100 meter dash, shouting my name as she ran. She rushed up and scolded me. I was both aggrieved and scared, and a little bit lucky and coquettish. We just hugged each other and cried wildly. 

Time is like water. It has been more than 30 years. I chatted with my mother a few days ago. When she was over 60 years old, she talked about the loss of my tricycle when I was a child, she still had a lingering fear:

 "the taste of losing a child is that life is not as good as death." 

My mother always said that she felt guilty when she thought about it. If she bought me a tricycle, I would not lose it or be fooled around by my neighbor's brother. Looking at the wrinkles in her eyes, listening to her and the restlessness in her voice, in fact, I especially want to go back to that summer, to the sand dune where my mother cried wildly, to the ignorant and stumbled childhood, holding her hand, solemnly told her:
Mom, you don't have to blame yourself or be sad. I've got too much love from you. They're heavy. They're down-to-earth. That belief is much more expensive than a tricycle. Because those days you have taken good care of give me the courage not to fall in the dark. Even if I am lost in a strange place, I firmly believe that my family who love me will find me. 」

Thanks to the family members who gave me infinite love in childhood. They are patient companions, which makes the material not rich childhood full of fragrance. I can't remember the embarrassment of being teased by brother Meiqing when I was a child, but I can remember the joy of my mother combing my hair and telling a little story of children's songs every morning. I can't remember the uneasiness of my family, who carried shoes and so on, but I remember sitting The pleasure of listening to my dad read "Red River" on the beam of my dad's bicycle is that they let me believe that I have always been loved and I have the ability to love more people. 

Now, my parents are old, and I also have a husband who loves each other very much, a lively and intelligent child who is talking phthisis. Life is light but extremely warm. Time has feet and moves slowly. Those engraved in my childhood will always be love that can heal my whole life.


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