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Peru is one of the most popular countries to travel to South America.
Travelers spend months traveling around Peru. People gather here to walk the Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu. Tourists are devoured through the incredible gastronomic scene of Lima.
But while these areas of the country receive the most attention, the whole country is amazing and has a lot to see and do.
Come explore the jungle, see the Amazon, head to Lake Titicaca or the northern beaches. Discover local indigenous culture, try coca tea and practice your Spanish. Eat in Lima!
There is a lot to do when traveling to Peru. You can easily spend a month or more here!
Fortunately, traveling around Peru is also very cheap. You do not need a lot of money to visit here (even if you make the Inca Trail). You get a lot for your money if you make backpacks in Peru or if you just come for a two week trip!
Use this travel guide to plan your next trip to Peru and get information on what to do, my suggestions on where to stay, how to save money and more.
After your adventure at high altitude, come explore the jungle during a guided tour of the Amazon of Peru! The Peruvian rainforest is home to some of the world's most diverse wildlife. It is worth visiting the beautiful Lake Titicaca, legendary cradle of the Incas, to see artisans and traditional weavers. Our travel experts will help you plan your Peru trip and more! Call us and select one of our tours in Peru with the help of a travel expert.


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