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 it is the escape from the emotion. 

 Ouyang Feng is escaping. 
 when his favorite becomes his sister-in-law, he chooses to leave his hometown and become the mean and unfeeling person shown at the beginning of the film. 

 pharmacist Huang is escaping. 
 he likes Ouyang Feng's sister-in-law, but he knows that others already belong to others. Therefore, he pretended to be a prodigal son and played around. After all, he couldn't be responsible for it, because in the end, he only loved Ouyang Feng's sister-in-law. Huang's evasion is twofold. He escapes from his love for Ouyang Feng's sister-in-law and his responsibility for the dew lover murongyan's peach blossom. 

 Murong Yan is escaping. 
 she fell in love with Dr. Huang at first sight, but she couldn't accept that she was just a dew love affair with him. So she split herself into murongyan and murongyan, and turned a story of falling flowers into a story of beating mandarin ducks. Only in this story has she never been abandoned by Dr. Huang. 

 the blind swordsman is escaping. 
 he loves his wife, but he knows that his best friend Huang Yaoshi has been unfaithful, so he runs away from his sad place and even chooses to commit suicide in disguise. To his death, he still missed the peach blossom of his hometown, but he did not dare to go back. 

 the woman named peach blossom is escaping. 
 after the infidelity, Huang Yaoshi left together with the old and new lovers. We don't know which one she loves more in her heart. We only know that she did not choose which one to look for, but waited in her hometown. When Huang Yaoshi came back again, she did not go with him. When the news of her husband's death reached her, she shed tears. 

 finally, Ouyang Feng's sister-in-law is also escaping. 
 she loves Ouyang Feng and knows that he loves him. But because I can't wait for that sentence I love you, she deliberately married Ouyang Feng's brother. On the surface, she won. As a matter of fact, she evaded the positive entanglement with Ouyang Feng and turned to another battlefield to declare victory, a win with both losses. 

 the most significant thing about the whole movie is Ouyang Feng. His sister-in-law and Huang Yaoshi are clearly pretending to be confused. They all know what each other wants and what they want, but they choose not to say it or face it. As a result, Huang can use Ouyang Feng as an excuse to visit Ouyang Feng's sister-in-law. Ouyang Feng's sister-in-law can know the news of Ouyang Feng from his mouth, while Ouyang Feng can know that his sister-in-law is still there from every visit of pharmacist Huang. 

 in contrast, the poor girl and Hong Qi are the two roles. The poor girl is the epitome of other characters. She is a real escapist, just like Ouyang Feng sarcastically. She brings an egg and a donkey to ask for help. She doesn't know whether she wants to save her brother or evade the responsibility that she should bear. 
 she is also the only one in the film who is ridiculed by Ouyang Feng for escaping. 
 Hong Qi is the opposite of this group of escapists. At the beginning, he was also evasive. He was not willing to take his wife to travel in the world, and he was not willing to be the straightforward and living self. But in the end, he accepted the eggs of the poor girl and made a business that was calculated regardless of interests. At the same time, he saved himself and became the only one in the film that Ouyang Feng envied. 

 if you think about it more, escaping seems to be the usual choice of Wong Kar Wai's characters when facing love. 

In the true story of a Fei, there is no doubt that a Fei is a prodigal son who is used to escape. He is a character like Huang Yaoshi. However, the feeling of the life experience of the footless bird is so strong that it is difficult for the audience to criticize him as much as he is against him. 

In "Chongqing forest", he Zhiwu couldn't accept his girlfriend breaking up with him at the beginning, so he kept buying canned pineapples due on May 1, as if it was not true to break up; No. 663 could not accept his girlfriend leaving him, so he refused to open the letter, as if his girlfriend would come back one day 。 

In "in the mood for love", Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen both face their partner's infidelity, so they jointly direct a double play of simulated infidelity. Under the pretext of simulation, they escape the fact that they have become adulterers. 

 this is Wong Kar Wai's world. 

I know that many people don't like the world and think the characters in Wong Kar Wai's films are too much. If you love, if you don't love, you don't love. When the person you love is in love with you, cherish her. When the person you love doesn't love you, fight for her. And when it's a foregone conclusion, accept her. This value looks crisp and neat, but it ignores that for many people, love is the unbearable weight of life. There is a classic line at the end of "dongxie Xidu": 
 when you can no longer have it, the only thing you can do is to make yourself never forget. 
 on the surface, Ouyang Feng and Huang Yaoshi, when they can no longer have it, either pretend that they did not have it, or pretend that they do not want to have it. However, for them, this is actually a way to save hope. They let love stay in a certain moment which has not been finally determined. Only in this kind of evasive resistance can love be eternal. 

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