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 the answer, of course, is no 

In fact, the subject has already said that if Kakashi can take the initiative to close the wheel eye, he does not need to cover his left eye all the time. 

Mukakashi, as the most powerful Shangren banner in Muye village, has long been famous in the tolerant world, and his titles are 
 "copy Ninja Kakashi" and "write lunyan Kakashi". 

Once I saw Kakashi's information in the dark part of the fog without cutting, which said:

 a man who has copied thousands of kinds of Ninja Arts

 if you don't kill Kakashi for the first time, you will know about Kakashi's writing wheel eye 
 although he has no experience of writing wheel eye, he has known about it for a long time

During the period of the middle school tolerance examination, the big snake pill suddenly appeared and said in a very playful tone that Kakashi got to write wheel eyes

 it is not a secret that Kakashi obtained the writing wheel eye during the Third World War of tolerance

 on the day of the battle of shenwupi bridge, there were two heroes in muyeyin village who had written lunyan 
, one of them was engraved on the tablet of consolation to the spirit, 
 and the other was the famous "shulunyan Kakashi" 
 in the tolerance world. 

 in the back, Kakashi also made famous by writing wheel eyes, so there is no need to hide the fact that he wrote lunyan (it's hard to hide it if you want to) 

Even in the animation "the true story of the weasel", there was a story in which yuzhibo and Fuyue refused to take back Kakashi's writing wheel eye. 

 Naruto 671 Set 
 and look at another foreigner who has obtained the eye of writing wheel - 
 Zhicun Tuan Cang 
. He covers his right eye with bandages, hides his right arm and even seals his right arm with shackles. He even sets the seal of the curse of the tongue on all his subordinates, so as not to let others know his secrets. 

PS: it's not even ruled out that there is a way to hide your secret by shielding your perception. The seal on your arm may be to suppress the wheel eye, reduce the consumption and shield the perception from the outside world. 

In addition, Tuan Zang usually has a strong root organization to help him do it by himself. He doesn't have to do it himself. He can operate behind the scenes. 

 the first time Tuan Zang's wheel writing eye appeared in the cartoon 
 however, since qimukakashi and Zhicun tuanchang are not members of the yuzhibo clan, and have no blood relationship with the yuzhibo clan, they also 
 fail to restore the ability of writing lunyan to normal. As the unique blood inheritance limit of yuzhibo, shulunyan is also unique to yuzhibo. 

 the best Kakashi can do is to restore the kaleidoscope wheel eye to his normal writing wheel eye after chakra consumption. 

The only time Kakashi closed his wheel eye was at the end of the fourth World War of forbearance. The experience card that yuzhibo sent to Kakashi with soil expired, and the wheel eye disappeared with the departure of the earth. 

 this is not active closing, but passively disappearing 
 since it is impossible to close the wheel eye, the consumption of chakra will always exist. I once wrote a detailed explanation of qimukakashi's War record, in which I also mentioned the method of "energy saving and emission reduction" when Kakashi used the wheel eye to fight




That's - close your eyes

Although Kakashi can't restore the eye of writing wheel to the pupil of ordinary people like yuzhibo, he can still use 
 to close his eyes/ The way to cover the eyes 
 should be avoided as far as possible (it can also protect the writing wheel eye). After all, the writing wheel eye can not penetrate through the eyelid as white eyes do, so this method is also useful. 

He used this method in many of Kakashi's battles

To save chakra for the left eye

<img class="content-image" src=" https://pic1.zhimg.com/v2-1d6ff33e7d6ce83aa9a909ff10825b9c_ b. Or to avoid the waste of chakra

 close the left eye for many times in the gap of battle 
 otherwise, if you always open your own writing wheel eye, then qimukakashi

It will become the 
 flag wood card empty


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