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 the director thinks that 
 should be comfortable, otherwise you won't sleep so soundly ~ 

 cats are "liquid", so in our opinion, extremely awkward posture is normal for cats. 

 picture from the network 
 then the question comes, why can cats be so flexible? 

 because cats are born with wonderful bones! 

What is different from our common sense is that "liquid cats" are not as "soft as boneless" like mollusks, but have more bones than humans. 

 the structure of the trunk bone plays a key role in the ability of mammals to freely control body flexion and contraction. 


 the spine of cats is so constructed that they can 
 rotate their bodies 180 degrees in any direction. 

 from: awkwardfamilyphotos 
 the spine of a cat can be twisted in all directions in the air, making them 
 quickly maintain an upward position. 

 I don't close my eyes when I spin and jump. Image from: giphy 
 is enough for you! From: Gibby 
 the structure of the human spine allows the trunk to rotate about 90 degrees. 

 from: giphy 

 from: giphy 
 the rib structure of cat makes 
 chest deep and narrow 
, which is conducive to sternum compression, makes the body thinner and softer, and easier to pass through the narrow place. 

The human thorax is a flat and wide shape with the left and right diameters larger than the anterior and posterior diameters, which plays the role of supporting and protecting important organs such as heart and lung. 


 the scapula structure of cats facilitates their access to narrow spaces. 

 from: gif 
 the scapular structure of human makes the human arm rotate or hinge in a circular way, and move outward and upward away from the body. 

 from: giphy 

 floating clavicles 
 make it easier for them to shuttle in a narrow space

 from: gif 
 is also more convenient for them to use the ultimate secret Collection - 
 meow fist 

 from: giphy 
 the human clavicle supports the scapula, keeping a certain distance between the upper limb bone and the thorax, which is conducive to the flexible movement of the upper limb. 

<img class="content-image" src=" https://pic4.zhimg.com/v2-76fe1a4abde7cdc980d3d8b78820296b_ b. In general, cats are lonely predators in the wild. As carnivores, they need to be more dangerous and more efficient. 

 the cat's skeleton makes the cat more flexible and helps to break out quickly and avoid ambush. Of course, cats have a unique advantage in twisting themselves into a twist. 

 next, please enter the cat's wonderful sleeping position ~ 

 the above pictures are from: bordepanda. 


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