2 days, 10 hours ago

One Friday, I remember very well. I won a game of chess and won the big boy who I had always lost. My mother came when I was counting. When I went downstairs, because I had won chess and my mother came to pick me up, I jumped up happily and led my mother out. As usual, I got on the bus after a short time. 

My mother and I sat in the nearest seat from the car, which is the seat with iron plate in front of the leg, the first row behind the exit. At that time, the bus was not very good. It was shaking when I was driving, and it was loud when I opened the door. Every time I sat, I felt like it was going to fall apart. 

It's quiet. It's almost home. 

The car has turned an intersection, go straight ahead, there is an intersection in front of you, then go straight at the intersection, turn right, stop, get off, walk 300 meters, and you will be home. 

My mother and I were joking, and then the car passed the intersection in front of me. Suddenly, it shook violently. It was more inclined than shaking. It was like turning over. But before I was frightened, the car was coming back, and then there was a heavy crash of wheels hitting the ground, and what other sounds were. It was very stuffy. 

My mother directly pulled my hand and pulled me up. I was wearing my watch. I felt very painful. After that, when I thought it was all over, there was a fire under my feet, a small one. But in an instant, a huge flame came up from under the car. 

I don't know how my mother pushed me out, because the door was full of people, but my mother pushed me out, which made my shoulder ache. I was one of the first batch of people. After I came out, my brain was a little confused, and I was still looking at the direction of the door. I found that few people rushed out beside me, so I looked at the door and wanted to get in Look for mom. 

Through the window, I first saw Mom crowded in the door. There were a lot of people. Mom was very thin. Then my mother saw me standing there and went directly to the window next to me. My mother hammered the window a few times, and there was no crack. Then simply yelled at me, I don't know what mother called, but look at the mouth, should be: "run ah." I shook my head and tried to find my mother. She was trying to squeeze out the door again. 

The fire got bigger and bigger. I heard the glass break and the roof started to fire. I was afraid, I began to run forward, ran desperately, fell down, got up to run, crying while running. 

I didn't look back. I didn't look at mom. 

Then maybe when I thought I was out of danger, I turned around and found that the car was not burning, and I didn't see mom. In fact, there was not much time before and after, but I could see from a distance that the thick smoke filled the sky, the raging fire that never seemed to go out, the scorched black bus and the blue sky. I think my mother may not have come out. 

I cried out all of a sudden, not the previous kind of crying, is the tears of heart and lung. I just sat on the ground and looked at the fire. Until I saw my mother with a little black face running towards me. Mom didn't say anything. She ran to my side and dragged me to run together. She trotted all the way home without saying a word. 

Then at the moment when I got home, I closed the door, and my mother sat on the ground and began to cry. The crying voice was very loud. I didn't sound much smaller than I just heard. I was still shouting: what are you doing standing there stupid? If you don't run forward, what should I do if it explodes 

After a while, Dad came back, mom cried again, but mom didn't shed a tear when she came home from the fire. 

It's been many years since I was in a small city on the fourth tier in the north. But after a few days, I didn't even publish the newspaper, and then it went to nothing. I think there should be no casualties, because all of us were very lucky. The car didn't explode at the first time of the fire. 

Later, some vegetable salesmen at the crossroads said that there was a sewer well at the crossroads, but I didn't know why there was no manhole cover. When the bus was driving, the wheels ran over the manhole cover, and something on the chassis was removed, and the fire broke out. But I don't think it's credible. But the government has not said that, I do not know what the cause of the accident is, and my mother is not willing to mention this matter, so it is not clear now. However, such a large gradient is very similar to what the wheel has crushed. 

I've never been on a bus since I was a sophomore in high school. I was encouraged by my friends once. When I got on the bus, I used to stand at the door of the bus. Now it's much better. 

In fact, when I was writing this incident, I always wondered whether this was a terrible experience, because there was no psychic factor, no ghosts or gods, or even death. I just passed by death. But I used to think that people are instinctively afraid of death. They are not greedy for life and are not willing to loaf along. They are more or less afraid of death. 

But that day, I didn't see any fear of death in my mother's eyes. Calm? chill? Think about it, but it's not, mom may have no idea, just want me to live. To be honest, I can't describe mom's state at that time. Most people would never have seen their mother's state if they hadn't fallen into crisis with their mother. 

Of course. 

Thanks for everything, mom.


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