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A hot summer, always looking forward to eating some fresh and refreshing food, jellyfish is undoubtedly one of the best choices. 

Whether it is the crisp appetizing vinegar stinger, or the cool and slightly sweet jelly jelly, the ice cold taste, always makes people can't stop. 

But, have you found a problem, we usually eat jellyfish skin, jellyfish head, jellyfish that huge body where? 

 01 what is the relationship between jellyfish and jellyfish? 

Jellyfish, in ancient times known as fish. 

<img class="content-image" src=" https://pic4.zhimg.com/v2-ab4b5c45d9dc9bf8d710532475c77ca2_ b. As early as the spring and Autumn period, the shadow of jellyfish appeared in relevant ancient books. "Yue Jueshu" records the daily life and customs of Wuyue people in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, in which it is recorded that "jellyfish are good food for southerners." 

Over the next two thousand years, many ancient books also recorded jellyfish, saying that jellyfish "shaped like a sheep's stomach, without eyes, with shrimps as their eyes, and without internal organs, they were formed by condensation of green foam.". 

Of course, with today's knowledge, we know that the ancients misunderstood jellyfish. 

 jellyfish. Fig. / obzhi 
 the body moisture content of jellyfish is as high as 95%, but it has internal organs, it is a real animal, not a foam condensation; jellyfish also do not use small fish and shrimp as eyes, they are surrounded by jellyfish, just because jellyfish can act as protective umbrella at critical moments. 

But the ancients have not misunderstood or said wrong, that is, jellyfish can be eaten and very delicious. 

Of course, not all jellyfish are edible. We can often see all kinds of colorful jellyfish in the aquarium. Most of them can't be served on the table. 

 < img class = "content image" SRC=“ https://pic2.zhimg.com/v2-b64edfacaa1927f1ce4c105faf9d703d_ b. In the journey to the west, there are about 250 species of jellyfish in the world, and the most common one is the class of potted jellyfish. 

We eat jellyfish, is the bowl jellyfish class root mouth jellyfish family jellyfish belong to part of the species. 

Therefore, the relationship between jellyfish and jellyfish is clear: jellyfish is a branch of jellyfish, but not all jellyfish are jellyfish. 

 in China, there are three kinds of jellyfish that we often eat: Jellyfish (yes, jellyfish), sand jellyfish and yellow spot jellyfish. 

The most classic is jellyfish. In some places, fishermen prefer to call it "Mian sting" or "Mian sting". Its "umbrella" is very smooth, crisp and tender, and can grow to the size of a basin. 

 the jellyfish is a kind of creature belonging to the family ceratophoridae, which belongs to the class boleophoridae. Its umbrella has a lot of sand like protrusions, and its size is huge. It can grow to the size of a table. It takes several people to pull it ashore. 

The number of sand jellyfish is far more than "noodle jellyfish", but the taste is not chewy, so the price is much cheaper. 

Yellow spot jellyfish and jellyfish are similar, but its umbrella surface has many short and sharp wart process, and yellow brown small spots. 

The most common in the market is the surface jellyfish and sand jellyfish. The economic value of yellow spot jellyfish is relatively low, and the market share is not high. 

 02 jellyfish outbreak, can you catch it? 

In the summer, we can see some reports of jellyfish outbreaks in coastal areas. 

 especially in the bathing beach, there are many jellyfish floating on the sea. If you want to swim in the sea, you have to avoid it carefully. 

Whenever there is an outbreak of crayfish and freshwater fish in the world, they call on China to eat. Now, there are so many jellyfish in front of my house. Can the eaters give a hand and just grab them and eat them? 

I'm afraid it won't work. 

First of all, you can't tell if this floating jellyfish is a good food. 

<img class="content-image" src=" https://pic4.zhimg.com/v2-dbb831fae6c6414fbc4f96412321c582_ b. Secondly, fishing jellyfish is an individual activity and also a technical activity. One or two people may not be able to pull a huge jellyfish ashore. Moreover, if the jellyfish is not out as soon as possible, it will soon dissolve into a pool of water, in vain. 

Even if you encounter edible species and the right size, I still don't recommend fishing by yourself. 

 on the one hand, the tentacles of jellyfish are coiled with hook like filaments, which can be sprayed out to puncture and anesthetize the prey, and then sit and enjoy the delicious food. Of course, jellyfish can also sting humans, if not timely medical treatment, there may be life-threatening. 

On the other hand, jellyfish itself contains toxins. Fresh jellyfish eaten in coastal areas will be soaked in alum water in advance to remove toxins and make jellyfish not easy to melt. 

<img class="content-image" src=" https://pic4.zhimg.com/v2-4e91bd15a6c22fe005bdd67c91b8d34f_ b. If there is only one jellyfish in the sea, I will hide in the sea. 

 03 how to deal with jellyfish we usually eat? 

Since we can't fish by ourselves, what kind of professional treatment do we eat jellyfish? 

 cultured jellyfish. Picture / Museum 
 what we usually eat most are jellyfish head and jellyfish skin, which are cut off from jellyfish and processed with salt and alum. 

After the jellyfish are fished ashore, the first thing to do is to cut off the jellyfish whiskers that will sting people. 

First cut off the wrists and mouths of jellyfish. This part is the touching foot of jellyfish. The meat is thick and tastes crisp. Fishermen call it "jellyfish claws". When we come to the table, we call it jellyfish head. 

<img class="content-image" src=" https://picb.zhimg.com/v2-338fe6c8b6f2c06941d45244f9b2d7a2_ b. The common use of jellyfish head is to make cold dishes, which is one of the most classic dishes. In addition to its heat-resistant properties, it can also be used as a heat-resistant raw material. 

Jellyfish on the umbrella shaped part, after pickling, will become jellyfish skin. 

 both jellyfish head and jellyfish skin need to be salted before they become edible materials. 

Salting jellyfish with alum and salt is the most traditional method in China, and has continued to this day. 

Alum can solidify the proteins in jellyfish and accelerate dehydration. Salt is not only used for dehydration, but also antiseptic. 

 the most classic method is "three alum and two salts":

1. Prepare alum water and soak jellyfish for four to six hours

2. Drain the jellyfish, and spread a layer of jellyfish in the pickling pool, and sprinkle a layer of salt and alum mixed powder. After filling, sprinkle salt and alum on the top of the jellyfish, and marinate for about a week

3. After a week, drain the jellyfish water, and repeat step 2, but the amount of salt and alum should be reduced, and then pickled for 8 to 10 days, remove the water, and it will become the jellyfish skin and jellyfish head on our dining table. 

 the pickled jellyfish skin is cut into shreds, soaked in running water for a period of time, and the salt and alum are washed away to mix the cold dishes. 

In particular, in winter, the heart of cabbage, mixed with crisp jellyfish, is absolutely a stream of fresh water in front of a table of greasy New Year's feast. 

Fishermen on the beach don't waste any edible part of jellyfish. They cut jellyfish to the extreme. 

 jellyfish brain 
 there is a jelly like thing between the mouth wrist and umbrella of jellyfish. Fishermen call it "jellyfish brain". In fact, it contains the gonad of jellyfish, which is the most abundant amino acid part in jellyfish body and has a special flavor. 

Jellyfish brain is difficult to preserve, to eat now, it is difficult to eat away from the seaside. 

<img class="content-image" src=" https://pic2.zhimg.com/v2-36417b33311af30f025e42d293f382a3_ b. The most common way is to make soup. The washed jellyfish brain is poured into boiling water. After a while, it floats to the surface like egg flowers, and then sprinkles with scallion, coriander and other ingredients. 

Jellyfish brain can also be used to scramble eggs, beat it with eggs, heat the oil and pour it into the pot. The egg liquid can be turned off when it solidifies. It is delicious enough without any seasoning. 

The most expensive part of jellyfish is a film on the inside of jellyfish umbrella, which is called "jellyfish lining" by fishermen. It must take advantage of the jellyfish fresh time quickly tear off, a long time, can not tear off. 

 jellyfish lining 
 a jellyfish of about 500 kg can only produce three or four Jin jellyfish lining. Whether it's fried or stewed, jellyfish inside tastes like lean meat, but it has a sea flavor. 

Fried jellyfish with cabbage heart is the most common method in Jiaodong Peninsula. Local two


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