10 months ago

No, you think too much, the manufacturer has never been able to keep the phone running for a day, they just keep the phone waiting for a day.

Let us define it first:

Endurance refers to the battery sustainability in the case of continuous active interaction with the mobile phone. (This ability mainly refers to full load power consumption, battery power, etc.)

Standby refers to the battery's ability to continue to be placed in a state where the phone is not actively interacting with the phone. (This ability mainly refers to standby power consumption, low power mode efficiency of various peripherals, background wake-up frequency, etc.)

In the mainstream domestic endurance test, the current mainstream smartphones usually only last for 5 to 10 hours. The mainstream mobile phones that lasted for 24 hours did not exist. According to the endurance level given by the mainstream evaluation agencies, the battery capacity of the smartphone needs to be three times that of the current one to meet the demand for one day.

If you change the plan and change the battery life to standby, for the mainstream standby test, all current mainstream smartphones can last more than one day, usually up to two or three days. Ten years ago, smartphone standby could reach five days or more. Now it seems that it can only be used for two or three days. After all, there are more and more apps that wake up regularly in the background.

Therefore, if you really want to "live all day," mainstream smartphones need 10,000 to 15,000 mAh of power, which is difficult to hold.

If it is standby, now the smartphone can stand by for three days, but does that make sense for most people?


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