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I worked in London and Hong Kong Rothschild. Rothschild is widely known for its currency war, and the official name we use is Rothschild. Roche is not only involved in financial art wineries, but family members are all over the world.

I know more about Rothschild & Co (NM Rothschild & Sons), Roche's investment bank. It differs from the bulge brackets such as Morgan Goldman Sachs in that it is a family-owned investment bank (49.5% of family holdings, 58.4% of voting rights) and no independent ECM business (such as helping companies to go public). When I was still at Roche, the ECM business involved was in cooperation with ABN Amro, the Dutch bank, which is generally ranked in the top ten. According to Rothschild & Co's latest annual report, its revenue for FY2017 was €1.767 billion, mainly from three parts: Global Advisory, Private Wealth & Asset Management and Merchant Banking. Global Advisory mainly includes mergers and acquisitions, financing, and strategic consulting services, which is Roche's traditional strong business. In 2017, the number of completed M&A transactions ranked first in the world and first in Europe. If ranked by income, it ranks fifth in the world. Private Wealth & Asset Management mainly includes private wealth management, trust, and asset management. Currently managing assets of 66.6 billion euros. Merchant Banking mainly includes corporate Private Equity, secondaries, multi-managers' funds and co-investments, direct lending, and credit management. Currently managed assets are 6.2 billion euros. In general, Rothschild & Co's investment banking business in Europe is the strongest, generally ranked in the top three. It is slightly less in North America and Asia, and is generally in the top ten.

Roche is a family with a long history and, like many Jewish families, is a low-key act. The information of most members is not publicly disclosed, and it is difficult to accurately assess the scale of their wealth. In terms of public information only, three members have been included in the Forbes Fortune List. They are Jeff Rothschild, Benjamin de Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild.

Many people don't know that Jeff Rothschild joined Facebook in 2005, the oldest employee at Facebook at the time, almost the age of Zuckerberg's father. In 2012 he became Facebook's Vice President of Infrastructure Software with approximately 18 million Facebook shares.

Jeff is 66 years old and is worth about $3 billion to $5 billion. Jeff is the son of Beverley and William B. Rothschild, father William B. Rothschild is the chairman of M. Rothschild & Company, and the company was founded by grandfather Marcus Rothschild, mainly engaged in commodity trading. But Jeff's main asset is not inherited from his parents, but from his Facebook stock. And he was a successful entrepreneur before joining Facebook. Jeff started working at Honeywell and Intel, worked as an engineer, and then worked at a consulting firm. Veritas Software was created in 1988 (merged with Symantec in 2005) and Mpath Interactive was created in 1995 (successfully launched in 1999). Jeff later joined the famous venture capital Accel Partners. In 2003, he founded another company, Mendocino Software, but closed in 2008.


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