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If you are a father, you will have a profound impact on all aspects of your child's life.

The role of Dad is a huge asset for children. Its role is that no one else, even a mother, can compare and replace:

1. Promote the development of children's gender roles.

Social learning theory believes that human behavior is learned by observing other people's behaviors and behavioral results, which helps observation and learning can quickly grasp a large number of behavioral patterns. Experimental research by American psychologist Albert Bandura This is also illustrated. Especially for young children, their learning is through observation and acquisition. In terms of gender cognition, they first observe through the father to understand what is a man, what is a husband, what is a father. Men's dress, manners, and temperament demeanor.

The child’s gender behavior and marital relationship after adulthood are also greatly influenced by the relationship between the early father and the father. The study by the child psychologist Hetherington found that the boy raised by the local father is less manly than other boys. It is difficult for girls raised by fathers around the world to get along with men.

When it comes to real life, the most profound thing I have learned is that my 2 year old child will learn the way of my husband, shaving the beard and pulling the urine, even though these mothers may teach him, but there are fathers to follow the example of imitation. Learning in gender-related aspects has become a more natural process.

2, to promote the child's physical development, is also the child's best game playmate.

Some clinicians have observed that children who are less exposed to their father have less development in height, weight, and movement development than children whose father and son are normally exposed, and have a higher probability of suffering from malnutrition and infectious diseases.

In the early childhood, the father interacts with the child more through physical exercise, giving the child a large muscle activity stimulation and promoting his development. After the child is a little older, the father will be more likely to cause the child to run, swim, and swim. Ascending and kicking the ball and other exciting activities, these play a positive role in the child's physical development.

Father is also the best game partner for children. Unlike the mother's preference for small movements and skill games, the father will love the action-oriented, adventurous game. In the process of playing with the child, the child can also bring positive emotional experience to the child in a unique way, which can induce the child. Curious about the outside world, promoting the ability to explore, and also cultivating the quality of self-esteem and self-confidence in play, the mother is difficult to replace in this respect.

Although my husband is not a biased person, my family is indeed more interested in playing games with Dad. Although I often play the same game with him, the feelings that I have shown are completely different, running and jumping. In the game of throwing, climbing, catching people, he laughed a lot when playing with his father. Even Dad didn't participate, just accompanied by him, he also showed more willingness to participate and more willing to explore.

3, it is beneficial to establish a good personality quality for children.

The way fathers and children interact with each other is often more open and diverse than their mothers, so children who often get along with their fathers can gain more knowledge, experience, imagination and creativity from their fathers, which will help stimulate children's curiosity. , curiosity, enhance self-confidence, etc.

At the same time, the father's inherent male characteristics, such as independence, strength, decisiveness, courage, generosity, generosity, self-confidence, and enterprising, can positively affect the child. Mother's quality will of course have an impact on the child, but the mother's quality will be more delicate, gentle, kind, friendly and so on. It is not the same as the father. The quality of the parents can help the children to further improve their individuality. quality.

Studies have shown that children who are in contact with their father and maintain a good relationship than those who have a bad relationship with their father or psychologist Mike Muni also show that boys who are in contact with their father for more than two hours a day are more likely to Those who have been in contact with their father for less than 6 hours a week have a better interpersonal relationship, and the armed activities are more open, more enterprising and even more adventurous.

In addition, the boy whose father lacks family is less concentrated than the father's family boy in internal moral judgment, jealousy, accepting criticism, etc., and also shows more anti-social behavior.

Young children are good at imitating, and my family is no exception. Usually, my husband has a lot of good habits, and he also looks at his mind. For example, after shopping, Mr. will help me carry a big bag and small bag. Now when I go out alone, even if I just buy a cup of milk tea, he must ask for me to help me. In the subway, even if you assign children, you will definitely give it. The old man gave up the seat, and now he sees the old man in the subway. He will automatically pull up his father and get up... Many of the details in life need not be said, and the child can naturally learn from his father.

4, to promote the child's intellectual development.

A 12-year study at Yale University in the United States shows that children who have a big father from a young age have a higher IQ and are more likely to achieve good results in their studies. The more time a father spends taking care of a child, the more the child will benefit. For example, their cognitive development is more dramatic, and they have more control over the environment and show more empathy.

The care of the father in the first year of the child's birth is particularly important. The data show that the children who were taken care of by the father in the first year have more cognitive development than those who have been taken care of by their fathers in the next few years.

According to research by Shag and other infants and young children, the father's further contact with the baby can gradually improve the infant's cognitive skills, achievement motivation and self-confidence.

According to my own observations, I think that men and women are different in thinking about problems and solving problems. As the book "Men from Mars Women from Venus" says, most men's ideas will have more meaningful logic. For the most simple example, when I and my husband read the picture book, they are completely different performances. I will pay more attention to the contents of the screen, including all the details and emotional experience, and my husband. It will be more focused on expansion, and lead the way to think outside the book content.

In general, the existence of fathers, in the early days of their children, helps them to form a sense of high attachment and security, which can help them gradually become the basis of social communication skills; when children are older, they are rich in children's knowledge and develop their children's abilities. These aspects of broadening the child's vision also play an important and positive role.

Since there are so many benefits, please daddy to combine them.

I hope that my fathers can take the initiative to take on their own responsibilities, strengthen parenting learning, increase the time spent with their children, and improve the quality of accompanying children. In the eyes of children, you are the best breeder, umbrella, enlightenment teacher and spiritual teacher. !

The child's growth can't wait, and can't make up for it. In every day when the child needs his father, Dad is cheering!


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