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Jumping is a very very practical technique. In the breakthrough technology, I personally regard throwing, jumping and stepping as the three most invasive weapons. These three technologies are not particularly bad as long as the user has the heart, and they are basically unable to defend and change too much.

The advantage of jumping is that here, the change is much more than the normal three steps, and the confrontation and distance control are also better. I highly recommend that the brothers become familiar with the jumping attack earlier after using the three-step basket skillfully.

It is difficult to describe the text by jumping. I suggest to take a look at some of the videos of the former brothers, learn the basic movements, and then look at some of the advanced improvements below.

First, pay attention to start concealment when jumping, that is, master the first step to start. Don't pull your feet down like a horse, and focus on the kicker, so that when you take off, it will be more like "falling out". The jump will be farther and faster, and the center of gravity will be more suitable. Fight against your opponent.

Secondly, I would recommend friends to learn to use the front step before the jump, that is, to fine-tune the front jump of the shift along the direction of the break. After learning this, you will find that your sense of rhythm will become stronger, and it will be easier to learn to jump around and be more suitable for ordinary people. Some Crawford-style jumps, I personally are not particularly recommended, this kind of jump is actually more like a change of direction, and I recommend this kind of front jump or variable speed jump, more like an end Change the trick. According to the difference of the landing time of the two feet, the front and back direction can be different, and continuous false motion can be performed.

Third, the upper body should maintain the confrontation posture, the micro-curve is the best, and the taller friends can expand bigger. How much is this confrontation posture curled up? Brothers can hold a ball against their chest. If you look down at the ball, the brain just exceeds the ball, indicating that you are curling up just right.

At the same time, in the direction of the force, I recommend taking the other body's body as the axis, and your breakthrough direction is the angle of the reference.

The fourth is that the body has to turn, especially after the jump, your landing orientation determines whether you can shoot immediately. I will even change in the sky before and after the jump, so that I have already changed in the moment of landing, and I will always take the lead one step before making any fake moves.

This step-by-step step is very particular. It must be turned with the turn. I am the left hand, so I will jump to the right on the right and I will turn to the foot. So when I land, my left foot is closer to the opponent, and the confrontation is more Strong, I can put my left foot on the cast. If my right foot is in front, I will turn to the lower hand.

After jumping, which foot is dominated by your face, more forward, which side has a greater advantage.

Fifth, some brothers want to learn this kind of side change, how to do it?

1, practice the auxiliary hand, steadyly learn to collect the ball on the side of the body, assist the hand to collect the ball, and then from the left to the right side of the body

2, the upper body learns the shoulder fake movement, the right shoulder is lowered, lifted, the left button is lowered, lifted, and then combined with basketball.

3, combined with the pace of learning, rhythm, ambiguous, ambiguous. Break through and start your right foot, but the right foot tiptoe should be turned to the left. After landing, take your left foot to the left and your right foot to the left. This move can also land on the right foot first, that is, the original Yugoslav step, the right foot will first face the upper body and face the basket more positively. But now this is a big chance to be blown away, so I recommend using it less in the official game, and letting your left foot stand.

Sixth, this step is a basic step, there are many variants, and even the height of your jump determines your final style. It is highly recommended to use and study your own tricks in the wild field.

The seventh talk about the use of the environment, I suggest that the supporting learning one-handed termination, with the jump can let you do whatever you want in the three-second zone. Most of the small hits use long jumps, and more use the sway after the jump. A big hit and a small jump and a short stop will keep you coming to a faster end.

This is probably something that can be remembered. It is recommended to take a look at the video and use it with the throw.


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