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Thank you. I'd like to answer one by one the facts of swordsmanship that ordinary people don't understand. 

 in the training of cold weapon actual combat: 

 amateurs either advocate muscle men and believe that as long as a swordsman is not strong in physique, he must not be able to fight and must be a magic stick. 
 or they think that muscle men can't be seen and used. They are totally frightening in appearance, but in fact they are flashy but not substantial. They even advocate flexibility in routine martial arts. 

In fact, neither of these extreme views is correct

The strength used in Weapon Combat is not the same as that in unarmed combat, because the strength they need to exercise is not the same. First, small muscle groups are often trained in weapon combat practice. Second, small range force making movements are often more practical than large-scale ones, which can be understood as a more delicate force, and the third is to use them The feeling of weapons, can be understood as through the systematic cold weapon training, so that you can effectively control the strength of the weapon, rather than hold in the body. Therefore, in the absence of systematic cold weapon training, being strong and physically dominant does not mean that they can control weapons more skillfully. The physique of muscle men alone is far from enough for a warrior to use historical weapons flexibly and freely. Only through systematic cold weapon training can one transform physical strength into superiority. On the contrary, it increases one's own physical goals and makes himself / herself more comfortable I've been stabbed. 

If you want to make good use of a real sword, systematic training with historical weapons is the foundation of the foundation. The more powerful the weapon is, the longer the training cycle is needed to master it. It's just to find a child who can practice with sticks and swords. Even if the amount of training is large, you can't use real swords and guns with ease. For example, Qi Jiguang even mentioned one point in his martial arts chapter in his military training record, that is, soldiers usually use weapons that are heavier than historical facts. 

It is relatively small to test the skills of historical weapons. Only the stab, except the straight stab, is not the only action. Obviously, it is not enough to cultivate one's ability to use historical weapons, but the skills of swing or block counterattack are the most testing ones, which can achieve the purpose of practice. Some skills of stabbing and chopping (below) It is even more necessary to train the skills of chopping and chopping. Even the skills of transforming strength need to be based on the basic skills. It is not required to achieve the power of a thousand catties, but it also needs the strength that you can cope with. 

It is also the systematic historical weapon training that determines the essential difference between the Weapon Combat System of competitive nature and the weapon combat system used in rapid training and the Weapon Combat System of systematic historical facts weapon actual combat system. Therefore, the second extreme is not desirable. 

It should be pointed out that the weapons used in practice should be properly weighted, but the hand feel should not be too different from the real weapons. It is also not advisable to be too heavy, because it is likely to produce irregular offensive and defensive actions. The irregular movements naturally cost more amplitude than the standard ones. The actions that cost more than are naturally slow and inefficient compared with the standard ones The result is that their attack and defense action range becomes larger, muddleheaded, and the speed of attack and defense counterattack will naturally become slower. The more this way, the easier it is for the opponent to judge his own moves, and the more conducive it is for the opponent to seize his own space and his own opportunity. If the non-standard offensive and defensive movements are compared to unarmed combat, it is like the powerful Wang baquan in unarmed combat. 

Therefore, the systematic practice of historical weapons is not only to practice the power of controlling weapons, but also to practice using the correct skills to control weapons, so as to make the action of exerting force fast and efficient, and better control weapons. 

In addition, for Chinese martial arts, on the basis of the above, the training of traditional boxing is also essential. Because the way of traditional boxing is basically the same as that of using cold weapons. In addition to the further experience of exerting force, the power training in traditional boxing is of great help to improve one's "internal force". 

No matter whether weapons or unarmed combat, it is not enough to practice basic skills. Full contact confrontation training is more important. Full contact confrontation is different from the exchange of talking about hand splitting and random strokes, and more different from routine martial arts. It is like comprehensive combat, full speed and full force attack, and you can use any skill at will from any direction. 

No matter how good the basic skills are, the level of a fighter with zero actual combat experience is not even as good as that of a little scumbag who has fought a fight, because compared with those who only practice basic skills, they are people with confrontation experience. But if a warrior with good basic skills has fought two or three times, it will be easy to kill a little gangster who has been through a lot of fighting by bullying unarmed ordinary people. 

The first of all contact confrontation training is to practice the sense of distance in actual combat, which is the most important fundamental. Second, on this basis, practice the attack and defense response of random skills in random distance and random direction, so as to practice how to correctly apply the skills learned in the basic skills practice to actual combat, and the third is to practice virtual and actual moves, as well as how to judge and deal with opponents All of these are not practiced in the training of hand feeding. 

The rules adopted in the whole contact confrontation training of cold weapon actual combat must be open. The handle of the weapon should be close to the historical weapon as much as possible. The way of recording points must be in line with the actual combat situation. We should not only oppose the skill of getting the point first and ignoring the consequences of hitting each other later, but also the skill of attacking the opponent when the position of losing combat ability is hit. Only in this way can we fully simulate the actual combat. 

In a word, in the training of cold weapon combat, a certain experience of actual combat is the foundation, while the basic skills mean the greatest improvement space for a warrior. Frequent actual combat confrontation and post-war thinking are the only means to excavate and improve the actual combat level of a fighter. 

 in the aspect of confrontation in cold weapon Combat: 

 on the premise that each of them can master their own weapons (or attack and defend at a faster speed), 
 weapons with large attack range will always be cheaper against weapons with small attack range; weapons with strong power will always get cheaper against weapons with narrow force; flexible weapons will also take advantage of inflexible weapons. If it is a very inflexible weapon, such as the heavy spear and bayonet rifle used in square array operations, this kind of weapon with basically no return can be considered. 

In the case of no armour, no equipment and no dual holding, if one side's weapons have obvious disadvantages in the attack range, it will be very difficult to break the length with the latter two weapons, which can be said to be in an absolute disadvantage. This disadvantage can't be reversed even with higher training. 

In general kung fu movies, swords are used against spears, bamboo sticks against cutting tools, short weapons against weapons with size advantage, and even unarmed weapons against weapons. All of these are just for the purpose of increasing the viewing effect, but not in line with reality. 

It is also because of the above reasons that it is very difficult for a sword to break a long spear that can be used freely without armour. The advantages of long guns are not only long, but also easy to receive and receive. 

It is worth mentioning that the correct tactics for long spears and other long rod weapons to deal with sword weapons should be to immediately withdraw weapons, adopt backward step control distance, and coordinate with the skills of pointing out the opponent's midline or blocking the source of the opponent's weapons or dialing the weapons of the other party, and then fight back at the same time. In this way, we can make full use of our obvious advantages to crush the opponent. 

However, we should never use the gun shaft to match with the other party's cutting tools 
. As a blunt weapon, if you want to cause a heavy blow injury, you must leave a certain firing distance. Compared with the heavy blunt weapons used to break armour, the ordinary long spear's original lethality is too poor, which requires a greater range of action to make up for, while the sword is a metal cutting tool, which is close to the target When attacking a gun holder, it is obviously unnecessary to do so. A small stick in cutting action or the skill of grasping the barrel with hand under the condition that the cutting tool strikes the gun rod and eats a part of the gun rod, can get close to the body quickly. Even if the action is slightly obvious, the chopping action is smaller than the swing action of the gun rod, and the speed is naturally faster than the speed of the gun rod. 

Obviously, for the barrel of a gun, there is no chance to use this skill when being close to each other. Even if it is hit by each other, the result is one death and one minor injury. It is much cheaper to hit the opponent with a knife than to be hit by the gun. 

Therefore, in the movie, the shooter should adopt the skill of hitting with the Spearman with the barrel, which is not advisable in real combat. 

 in cold weapon combat, it is often unrealistic to rely on dodge skills to avoid the attack of opponent's weapons. 

The first is that the speed of weapon attack is always higher than the speed of a person's walking position. The second is that except for the simple straight stab, almost all attack routes of skills have formed a section from head to foot or from one hand to the other hand. The area and volume of the human body are placed there. It is difficult to avoid the cross section produced by the weapon attack route in any posture, That is to say, it is difficult to avoid the weapons of the other side. 

 unless one side's cold weapon use foundation is not up to standard, or one party has determined the other party's moves in advance and is ready, but usually, this situation has some arrangement elements in it to varying degrees. 

For example, CCTV has done a program to let CCTV hosts (obviously not people with cold weapon training) experience the Dodge ability of National Fencing champions, and tell the fencing champions in advance what distance and what moves (direct stab within the fencing rules) they are in, so that the fencing champion can be psychologically prepared. After knowing the opponent's moves, the fencing champion can dodge perfectly. 

But if your posture is just right, ensure that the weapons in your hand can block the attack route of the other's weapons, and make sure that the opponent will inevitably encounter your weapon and ensure that you are not hurt, then you can fight for the opportunity to defend and counterattack the opponent with dodge skills. However, this is not a simple use of dodge action to crack the opponent's attack It's a category of. Another technique is to turn around and escape in search of opportunities. 

Many action movies, rely on gorgeous dodge action to avoid the other side's sword, more for viewing. 

The two skills of stabbing and chopping go hand in hand with each other in cold weapon combat, and they even derive many skills of stabbing and chopping. However, a lot of friends are always interested in which technique is better


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