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 in addition to the "mystery expensive" bicycles, the overall price level in Pokemon world is not very high, which is lower than that in big cities in the United States and Japan, and even in several first tier cities in China. Prices in big cities are slightly higher, but life is not big for trainers. Let's take a look at the "price" level and living pressure in Pokemon from the four perspectives of "clothing, food, housing and transportation". 

In the Pokemon world, it is even more difficult to become rich and powerful, to worship the prime minister, to be rich and to have a good life. 
, but if you want to live (low-quality food and clothing), it's not really difficult: 

 "food": the general food is very cheap, only some of the "delicacies" are slightly more expensive (just a little) 
 in general

In Pokemon's world view, "eating" doesn't cost much. Generally, trainers can go to baokemeng center to "eat" (free), but "eating out" still needs money, but a meal can't cost you much

 in nibi, Xiaozhi and Xiaoxia used to patronize a hotel. Because they were not the spirit center, they had to charge for it. Xiaozhi and Xiaoxia ordered a portion of the meal, one for 600 yen and the other for 550 yen, totaling 1150 yen, equivalent to RMB 70 Multivariate 
, according to China's consumption standard, it is not "cheap", but the food standard of 35 yuan per person is not really "expensive". 

 any Ramen you order in Tokyo may cost 1000 + yen, while a McDonald's meal in New York will cost more than $10, which is far more than this value. The price is really average, not very high. It's just because Xiaozhi was a novice, in short of money, and he didn't have much gentlemanly demeanor. When she saw Xiaoxia go, she yelled. In fact, she didn't eat much money. 

 other ingredients are not expensive either 
, for example, Xiaogang's younger brother likes corn soup (canned according to Xiao Gang), and it's 328 yen in the store, which is about 20 yuan RMB, which is not very expensive. On the whole, the price is similar to that in Japan and lower than that in some parts of the United States. 

Moreover, the "delicacies" in the Pokemon world actually have a "very low consumption ceiling" 
, even if it is a rare food, it will not cost too much money: 

 for example, the" stupid animal tail "which is hyped up through" speculation "is just a" home cooked dish "in Arola area. The sandwich made of dull animal tail costs about 1100 yen, which is roughly equivalent to 70 yuan of people's currency, which is already considered as" high-end "food, and the price is not much. 

 in the" high speculation price "urban areas, the tail of zombie is only 9800 yen, equivalent to more than 600 yuan, as Pokemon The price of the world's representative "rare food materials" such as "Cordyceps" and "ginseng" is even more reasonable. If you open a high-end steakhouse in a big city, you will basically spend $100 + per person, which is not like a "stupid animal tail" benefit. 

 in most cases, precious food materials are" hyped ", for example, when the price is 100 yuan, most of the time, no trainer will consider buying ingredients from here. This situation can not be regarded as normal. Almost no one will buy the tail of a zombie from this channel and pay IQ tax. 

 and the inexpensive baokemeng business is very cheap. A king carp is about 500 yen, which is only equivalent to more than 30 yuan, while the average weight of the king carp is 10 kg! 
 it's about the same as Pokemon. The fish in the world is less than 2 yuan a kilo 
, which is the same as the price of cabbage. The last time I went back home, every catty of bass cost 20 + RMB a Jin Now I don't know how (of course, the king of carp has more spines and less meat than perch)

 is the king of carp delicious stewed or fried? 

Of course, there's no need to buy this kind of treasure dream. As a trainer, unless you can't afford to buy a fishing rod or you don't have the ability to cross the sea temporarily, you don't have to pay for it 

 of course, the vast majority of baokemeng trainers don't have many choices. They need to enjoy free meals in the center of baokemeng. Although it's not "delicacies", as a free food, it's good in terms of nutrition and taste (at least the taste it looks like). 

 line: the transportation cost is slightly lower than that of the United States and Japan, and higher than that of China's public transport 

According to Pokemon's world outlook, the main mode of transportation depends on the trainer's own "walking", followed by some "means of transportation". These modes of transportation are not cheap in terms of China's consumption level, and they are acceptable compared with Japan and the United States. 

 Taxi: starting price: 710 yuan, the same as Tokyo

 after six generations, Pokemon has become one of the trainers' travel tools. Its starting price is 710 yuan, which is similar to the starting price of taxis in Tokyo, equivalent to about 45 yuan, which is definitely much higher than that of Chinese taxis and didi taxis. 

 Royal Group: ticket price: 1000 yuan

 in the area of the fifth generation, the Royal union is a luxury passenger ship with a ticket price of 1000 yen, equivalent to about 10 US dollars, almost the price of cabbage. Pokemon generation 5 is based on the core area of Manhattan, New York. It's not so cheap to make a cruise ship of the same size in New York. Last year, I did it with my classmates in New York. The price of second-hand group purchase was $42, and the decoration and scale of its passenger ship were far less than that of the Royal consort. 

 toll: 1000 yen (during the period occupied by the Rockets) 

 Pokemon in the world, there is no concept of" toll for crossing roads and bridges ". There are only a few special cases. For example, drinks need to be prepared in the first generation, and the Rockets will" charge indiscriminately "during the occupation period of the second generation. The one-time toll is 1000 yen, equivalent to 10 US dollars. Even if it is the Rockets, it is reasonable to charge more than this number. 

<img class="content-image" src=" https://pic4.zhimg.com/v2-5ffecd423f7ec976c50e392ed309809d_ For example, if there is a small number of "FTG / source" trains, it is not convenient to travel in the area of "86g720 / h" in the case of "free travel" or "free travel" in the case of "free train" of "86g720 / h". 

 there are no luxury cars in Pokemon world, only" luxury bicycles "are exorbitant 
, and ordinary people can't afford to buy them. This is the biggest inconvenience in Pokemon world. Only by giving bicycles to others, otherwise, ordinary people can't bear the price. 

 stay: in addition to luxury resort hotels, you can basically solve the problem of free 
 for free

"Living" should be the cheapest thing in the Pokemon world, because trainers can live in the collective dormitory of the spirit Center for free, and the conditions are good:

 therefore, the general trainer travel planning must arrive at the next city before nightfall, because the spirit center is set up in the city (generally, but there are a few exceptions). From this perspective, the travel design is the best from day to night, and there are many variables when camping in the field. 

 even if there is no accommodation nearby, you can" camp "for free. That is, the conditions are poor. You can only have some simple game or dry food to take with you when you eat. If you sleep, you can only sleep around a campfire and sleep in a sleeping bag. You may encounter wild baokemeng at night. 

 therefore," living "is basically free, but" buying a house "is another thing. Luxury houses are very expensive, but trainers can have their own" secret base "(free), and furniture needs to be purchased or exchanged. 

Tables range from 3000 to 9000 yen

The chair is about 2000 yen

Carpets range from 2000 to 4000 yen

Potted plants range from 2000 to 5000 yen

The puppet is about 3000 yen

Posters range from 1000 to 4500 yen

All kinds of bed, topic, brick decoration range from 500 to 8000

More expensive works of art, about 100000 yen (only a few pieces can be bought)

 your "home" is both expensive and cheap


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