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I think a lot of respondents have mentioned: 
 in essence, the process is played back again 

 therefore, the re inventory is just like clicking the" technology tree ". If you move forward along the logic of thinking, you can successfully" resume ". 

 but in fact, 
 is not only the fact that one's own chess can resume the game 
, but there are allusions of 
 "Wang can's strong memory" 
 as early as the Three Kingdoms period. 

 "Wang can Qiangji" 
 means that there are two players playing chess, and the chess game is disturbed in the middle. After thinking for a long time, they failed to recover the game. 

As a result, Wang can, one of the "Jian'an seven sons" 
, could not watch the game and resumed the chess game. 

 people think that Wang Jie can recover because there is only one part and the difficulty is not high. 

So he covered the chessboard with a handkerchief and asked him to recover the whole game. It turned out to be easy again, and that's the story. 

 in modern times, the skill of replay has been upgraded. Now, it is not only the "replay" function after watching the game. 

 when the chess game is not complicated 
, the master can infer the process and predict the follow-up process without looking at the chess game. 

Next, let me give you an example of how a master can 
 blind guess and reason

 this is a game of chess that Ke Jie defeated Shen zhenchen in June this year. Now it's the 50th hand, and the layout is basically over. 

At this time, for those chess fans who have watched the live broadcast from the first hand, many people can "play back" the first 50 hands. 

Even if the master 
 doesn't see the process of 50 hands 
, he can infer the order of 1-50 through the clues in the moves! 

 the first is the opening. As we all know, the first four players are generally black on the right and white on the left. 

This is relatively simple, everyone can answer correctly. 

 later, in the lower left corner is the formula of Chinese current 
 (white chess is divided first / hands on), so black 5 only has the upper left corner. 

 later, because of the upper left and the lower right, both sides took off first. So we need to infer when they left first? 

 still dares to leave first under the influence of a hanging role 
, which indicates that it is the early stage (the earlier the chess game is, the greater the value of the outside field is). 

Therefore, we infer that the two formulas, upper left and lower right, are lower now. 

 16 and 18 may cause some confusion. However, considering that the black chess in the upper left corner is very thick, most white chess players will not directly go to 18 to create" castles in the air ". 

So it should be 16 to build the foundation, 18 to expand the appearance. 

It has been mentioned earlier that the upper left is earlier than the lower left because 21 is the subordinate formula of 16, the pocket Chinese stream, so the lower left appears later. 

The reason why 17 is earlier than 21 is because ↓

 if both sides play this formula first, then black and white chess are followed ⭕  The exchange doesn't make sense. 

 in the last 34, this kind of 
 forced selection of the supporting angle of the right 
 indicates that there is a small nest of black chess first and then white chess. 

This is because the great power of 
 drives the value of the business district on the right side to increase 
, so white chess will go to the right side to break the void. 

Otherwise, if white chess does not order three or three, it will go to the 
 forced angle 
, and black chess's potential in the 
 barren land (uncompleted buildings) 
 can not be explained~

 because the right side is originally a black player, if" 
 Tianwang mountain 
 "of position a is still there, black chess will not slowly continue to thicken on the upper right side. 

Therefore, the upper right corner is the last part, and the change after 39 paste is not difficult to infer. 

 in this way, through logical analysis, the order of the first 50 hands is like a jigsaw puzzle. 

 as for this kind of ability, we can infer what is the use of the ability to recover before and after the development without watching the game. I think it has these functions

First of all, when you watch chess in the game, you won't miss some interesting things because you don't watch the process ahead. 

On the other hand, when the referee meets a dispute (children's competition), they can quickly judge who is right through reasoning.


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