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What do you think of the definition of "useful". 

 make-up division confession: there are so many products on the market that "water replenishment" is advertised. There are really few real ones besides mask. 

 mask "special effects" 

The definition of rehydration is to let the water from the outside of the skin into the inside. In other words, the process itself is against the weather. According to the normal physiological metabolism, water should go up from the bottom of the skin. One of the biggest functions of the skin is to sweat and evaporate water. The moisture content decreases layer by layer from the dermis to the basal layer of the epidermis and all the way to the stratum corneum. 

 the outermost stratum corneum is actually composed of a layer of keratinocytes that have gone through the life cycle and lost their activity. It mainly serves as a barrier function. It is the best condition to keep the water content between 15-25%, which can keep it soft and moist. 

So the problem is, to "replenish water" from the outside to the inside, we have to reverse the ladder of decreasing water content completely. In fact, even if the corneum is soaked into tofu, there is no way to "deeply replenish water" to the dermis. One of the main functions of the stratum corneum is to prevent such reverse osmosis (barrier function), otherwise we will become jellyfish after a bath. 

 the transparent jellyfish 
 it is unrealistic to expect the water on the face to be patted in. It is useless to pat yourself as a pig's head. There will be an illusion of absorption because the beating promotes the evaporation of water, and it is useful to prevent mud rubbing, so absorption is unnecessary. 

In most cases, the essence of "moisturizing" is "moisturizing". The moisture in the stratum corneum spreads slowly, and the water under it increases naturally. 
What can 
 mask do to make up water? You may have heard of theories like "hydration channel" and "osmotic pressure". In fact, it is a simple and crude "head pressing and pouring". 

 it depends on grinding hard foam. One application is 10 minutes. If you don't drink it, you have to drink it for me. Apply once can greatly enhance the moisture content of cuticle. 

Note that the water is still in the stratum corneum, and it is impossible to continue to penetrate, otherwise the jellyfish will warn. 

 to this extent is enough, the stratum corneum because of absorption of water and become transparent, become "skin like coagulate fat", which is the real cause of mask addiction. 

This is probably how the theoretical basis of the "water replenishing cult" was developed. 

 water supplement cult

Skin wrinkles? Replenish water. 

Is there a stain? Make up the water quickly. 

Acne? Water, water, water! 


 this kind of heresy seems to be very popular in those days. It's almost the same time to open a "five hundred mask a year" with a certain actress. 

What are the other advantages of this "replenishing" water besides making it look good at that time? 

Not much. 

Some people use Raman confocal microscope to analyze the state of water molecules in the stratum corneum of human body. It is found that most water molecules are in the binding state, that is, they are bound with other molecules by hydrogen bonds. The content of non binding free water molecules is very low, so it can not play a decisive role. 

 in other words, normal skin can't use this kind of water which is poured by pressing the head, and it will be lost soon. As with wine, if the fruit is poured too much, it will be vomited out. The excessive hydration of the cuticle of the skin will become unstable, the barrier function will be reduced, and the water loss will be accelerated. 

If you really pursue 500 tablets a year, one more than 20 minutes, proper hydration dermatitis. 

Whether to retain the added moisture, or to see the subsequent moisturizing steps, only skin moisturizing factor more, can retain these water. 

 to summarize 


 facial mask useful for skin? 

Of course, it's useful, and it's quick, which is the main reason why this skin care category has been enduring. 

 is usefulness equal to omnipotence? 

It's 0202, and it's still spreading this heresy. 

 does not match moisturizing products. The collocation of single application mask is not significant in the long run. 

 is it useful to use as much as possible? 

On the contrary, it's bad to use too much. 2-3 tablets a week is enough, and the best time is about 10 minutes for each tablet.


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