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Mutton can provide rich protein and iron which is easy to be absorbed by human body. 
 in the process of digestion, it can produce "food heat effect", which can increase the body's heat dissipation. The intake of 
 can improve the cold hands and feet caused by iron deficiency anemia. 

But the same is true for pork and beef. 

 soup is mainly fat, bone soup does not supplement calcium, 
 most people do not need to drink, just eat meat. Eat meat, try to eat lean meat, a piece of meat the size of the palm every day is enough. 

 why is mutton suitable for cooling? 

Mutton is often used to stew, hot pot, eat after the body is very warm. But in terms of ingredients, eating pork and beef can also warm the body. Mutton, pork and beef all provide rich and easily absorbed protein and iron. 

 in the process of digestion, it can produce "food heat effect", which can increase the body's heat dissipation. The intake of 
 can improve the cold hands and feet caused by iron deficiency anemia. 

 in the muscle (lean meat) of the three kinds of meat, there is no significant difference in protein content, but the iron content of mutton will be slightly higher. For people with iron deficiency anemia, mutton may indeed be a better choice. 

In addition, vitamin B12 deficiency may also lead to anemia. Mutton is also rich in 
 vitamin B12 
 in mutton. According to the data of the US Department of agriculture, 50g lean lamb chop can provide 1.3 μ g vitamin B12, more than half of the daily reference intake. [1] Pork is no worse than beef. 

 did you drink mutton soup? 

It can be seen that mutton does have some "blood tonic" effects, 
 may be helpful to improve fatigue, fatigue, etc. 

What about the white flower mutton soup? 

First of all, the soup is boiled white, mainly due to the emulsification of the 
 in the meat and bone seams. In addition to fat, the soup contains free amino acids, short peptides, B vitamins and 

 but nutrients such as protein, calcium and phosphorus are difficult to dissolve, mainly in meat. Many people think that the calcium content in the bone is high, boiling bone soup can definitely supplement calcium. In fact, 
 the calcium content that can be dissolved out of bones is very small 
, even if the bone is boiled with water without calcium ions, it is likely that the calcium content in the bone soup is not as high as that in some ordinary tap water. 

In addition to people with poor digestive function and poor appetite, most healthy people do not need to drink soup specially. They not only have no nutrition, but also may eat too much fat and salt, 
 increases the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and gout attack. 

 what kind of mutton is not smelly? 

Many people don't eat mutton because of its "smell", which mainly comes from 
 some specific fatty acids 
. However, the content of these fatty acids in lamb under one year old is significantly lower, so the mutton smell of 
 lamb is very light 
, even can not taste the smell. [2]

 in mature sheep, ewes and castrated rams also have less odor than those without castration. If it is the same sheep, the part close to the skin will have a strong smell. [3]

In addition, the smell of mutton is related to the breed and feed of sheep. If you buy a mutton with a strong smell, 
 peeling, cleaning, soaking and blanching 
, the smell can be reduced. [4] Of course, from experience, when boiling water, add some wine, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, will also help to remove the fishy smell. 

 what can I do if I eat mutton with "heat"? 

First of all, 
 "inflamed" is not a medical concept 
, it is just a collection of some discomfort symptoms, and the possible causes should be seen according to the specific symptoms. 

If the mutton is 
 hot, thirsty and halitosis 
 after eating mutton, it is more likely that you have eaten a lot of mutton. 

As mentioned above, the protein content of mutton is high. If you eat a lot of protein, it will increase the heat dissipation. At the same time, it will use a lot of water in the body, which will lead to dryness and heat. Try a little more water. Maybe you'll have less water next time. 

 if you eat mutton 
, you may eat the fat part of the oil drop. There are more 
 saturated fat 
 in fat meat, which may induce inflammatory reactions such as acne. 

If it is 
 after eating, it may be due to eating meat, not eating vegetables, and insufficient dietary fiber intake. Pay attention to ensure that you eat enough vegetables, fruits and coarse grains every day. 

In short, 
 is often caused by eating too much meat at one time. Generally, we recommend eating only 40-75 grams of meat per day (the size of the palm of your hand). In many restaurants, this is just a small half of the amount of mutton. If you have several dishes of mutton and more than a dozen of mutton kebabs, you will probably eat too much. 

Pay attention to control the amount, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, may not have these symptoms. 

However, some people may be allergic to mutton 
 and have skin rashes. In this case, you should record what you eat every day, analyze what food may cause allergy, and avoid it if you are diagnosed with allergy to mutton. 


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