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Why do people always think that the heavier the car, the safer it is?

We may often hear or see things like this: where the big trucks are hitting pedestrians, the tanks in the TV series are not even badly machine guns, the US president’s car is thick and heavy, and it’s never been heard. Who said that someone was riding a bicycle and killed the car.

"People pack iron" is the enemy of the "Iron Man". As a result, we have also formed a basic understanding of car safety: the heavier the bigger the safer.

Well, the problem is coming:

Is the safety of the car judged by weight and size?

the answer is negative.

Here are a few misunderstandings to find out.

Misunderstanding 1: The heavier the car, the safer it is.

The heavier the vehicle, the longer the braking distance will be, but it will be a factor that is not conducive to driving safety. Moreover, the heavier the fuel consumption of the car, the additional cost of use.

Today, the weight of the car is no longer a safe capital. I have never heard of Volvo saying that it is heavy.

In fact, it is easy to increase the weight of the car, and it is difficult to reduce the weight. The aluminum alloy steel engines developed by major manufacturers try to make the steel plate thin and light to improve the acceleration performance of the vehicle. Lightweight can ensure that the braking distance is not too long, thus reducing rear-end and improving driving safety.

Myth 2: The thicker the car, the safer it is.

It is safe to measure whether a car is safe or not. The thicker the car is, the better it is. The thinner the better, the combination of thickness and thickness is just right.

Areas that need to collide with energy must have soft energy absorbing materials and high-strength steels to resist impact in order to reduce the impact of collision on the cockpit. Of course, it should not be too thin. The blown hair should be the skin of the goddess.

Also, consider pedestrian protection. A structure that is too hard will directly cause pedestrians to collide and die, which is why the hood cannot be too hard. It is necessary to make people sit on the cover without deformation, and not to endanger pedestrians in the event of an accident.


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