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I don’t know what happened in the past two years... There are many awards in the construction industry. As long as they are European and American awards, they are marked with the “Oscar Award for Architecture”. Why is it not a Nobel Prize? Do architects have to rely on acting skills to eat? ); all the friends in the circle of friends have won awards all over the world, scared me to only applaud and applaud...

I came from a simple era, when the Chinese just heard of parametric design, probably about ten years ago. The architects who came from that era were all fluttering in black, poetry and distance; everyone only knew a few architectural awards, namely:

1. The Pritzker Prize (known as the Nobel Prize in Architecture, the highest honor) The Pritzker Prize

The Pritzker Architecture Prize

Only one architect has won an award in the world each year. Ta is bound to be an architect who has made great contributions to the advancement of the industry in terms of culture, art, education, subject direction, aesthetics, etc., and has a number of successful projects. (Of course, there are also many outstanding architects who have missed this annual award.)

Our Chinese local architect, Professor Wang Wei, was the first Chinese to win the Pritzker crown in 2012.

Mr. Pei Ming was awarded the Pritzker Crown after he entered the US citizenship in 1983 and was the first Chinese and even Asian winner. The second award-winning Asian was in 1987, Professor Tanaka Kenzo of Japan.

It is worth mentioning that Professor Zhang Yonghe was a judge of the Pritzker Prize (this year Professor Wang Wei is also a judge):

2. American Institute of Architects Gold Award (AIA Gold Medal)


The American Institute of Architects Gold Award AIA Gold Medal was first awarded in 1907, and this award is known as the wind vane of the US Pritzker Prize. As the boss of the world, the United States always has to give awards to its own architects. AIA Gold Medal is not issued every year. For example, in 2003 and 1998, no award was awarded. There may have been no awards for various reasons. It can be said that it is a very high level of "Lifetime Honor Award".

It is worth mentioning that the winner of last year was my grandfather, James Stewart Polshek.

2018 American Institute of Architects Gold Award

Father James started from the inhouse architect of the real estate developer. He devoted his life to designing the building carefully. He taught and educated people (in 1972-1987, Dean of the School of Architecture at Columbia University) completed a large number of public buildings in the United States, trained several disciples and finally the company. From the master firm to the partner group company: ennead architects, James's biological son is only an ordinary architect in the company rather than inheriting the boss, showing that the selection of a democratic system is very cruel; design quality in the US construction industry The evaluation of team abilities is extremely high.

Ennead Architects - ennead Architects

3. Japan Architecture Society Award

AIJ Prizes

Locality is relatively strong, but each of the selected works is very against the sky... Sometimes people can not sigh that the technology of construction and construction may be difficult to make up with high technology. All construction practitioners must put their minds in these projects before they can have such qualities.

There will be multiple architects, multiple units, and multiple projects. Japanese is not good, special articles are put in place to help understand...

Japan's Most Authoritative Award: Japan Architecture Society Award, Announced 2019 Winners List - Good

4. Royal Building Society Award (RIBA)

RIBA 2018

The Royal Society of Building Awards RIBA Award was established in 1834, when many colonies in the British Empire were not independent (return); therefore, this architectural award has an international vision and pattern, and is encompassed by all categories of architecture, global countries. The works are likely to be awarded. Not like a small (good day) Japanese award...

2018 RIBA International Outstanding Architecture Awards Announced - Good

5. European Union Prize - Mies van der Rohe Award

E.U. Prize - Mies Award - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

The Mies Award is presented twice a year, focusing on awards in the European region, and the local characteristics are also very strong. It is mainly aimed at solving the problems and crises in Europe at present; European aesthetics and design sense coexist, and there are too many high-quality projects. I feel that it is very difficult to select a masterpiece that everyone is convinced, so the trend in these two years is Architectural works that solve problems and are more universal values.

The general award is divided into two parts:

1. Mies Award (generally awarded to the work), such as this year's winning work is 530 collection residential renovation

Grand Parc Bordeaux Wins 2019 EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award

2. Youth Talent Architecture Award (YTAA)


As far as I know, the nomination of YTAA for the Youth Talent Building Award is not mandatory for the completion of the work. Even good ideas and design drawings can be applied for, and many Asian and Chinese students are nominated (young architects studying in Europe or studying in Europe).

6. Aga Khan Award For Architecture

Aga Khan Award for Architecture

The sixth place here is actually very reluctant to count the super prize...

The Aga Khan Architecture Awards are awarded every three years to reward projects that set new standards of excellence in architecture, planning practices, historical preservation and landscape architecture. Through its efforts, the award aims to identify and encourage the concept of successfully meeting the needs and aspirations of society around the world and to occupy an important place in the Muslim region.

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture is given every three years to projects that set new standards of excellence in architecture, planning practices and historic architecture. Through its efforts, the Award seeks to identify and encourage building concepts that successfully address the needs and Aspirations of societies across the world, in which Muslims have a significant presence.

The Akahan Award is also of a certain regional nature, mainly in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. It is also an architectural project-oriented award:

2019 Akahan Architecture Awards shortlist

I know this award, mainly the architect Zhang Wei from Beijing, China in 2016, who won this award with his micro-house:

In short, in addition to these six international and regional architectural awards. It cannot be said that other awards are the Pheasant Award. It is an inevitable trend for Chinese architects and design practitioners to go out. It is also commendable that Chinese architects go out to take international awards to declare and protect their own designs and intellectual property. However, I hope that the awards will not be changed. I also hope that many audiences (students, customers, practitioners) will not be convinced of the international awards, and they can represent the architects or the projects they have completed on the ground.


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