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High speed is actually a safe, but it is a very dangerous road. It is safe to change relatively non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians. This factor can be considered less. The source of danger is that you will face high speed, trucks, other vehicles, and accidents are big events.

Caring out the following considerations for vehicles at L2:

1. Do not play mobile phones while driving. Because you look at the security incidents that occur on your mobile phone and drive your mobile phone, see Dr. Strange.

2. Hold the steering wheel. It is recommended not to be tired, and you must hold your hands. If it is tired at three or nine, then it will be held at 6:00 or 3:00. why? When encountering the initiative to change direction, you can control precisely, or maintain the subsequent driving direction after changing direction. Passive steering wheel rotation, holding the direction, like crosswind, unilateral water surface, will lead to the passive rotation of the steering wheel, and Xiaohui brother encountered this situation, it was also really scared.

I remember that I went to Chongming Island for the first time. When I crossed the bridge, I encountered a cross wind. The wind was really big. I drove my Polo, which was over 10,000 yuan at the time, just on the road for a few months. I feel that there is a probably one. The two-year-old child is pulling my steering wheel. The strength is very high. I am afraid that the wind will blow into the Yangtze River. When the truck is over, the force of the cross wind will suddenly change, and the steering wheel must be held. .

The high-speed water pavement is also in danger. Xiaohui brother suffered heavy rains on the road from Yankou Waterfall to Yan'an on the 11th of last year. At this time, it is generally recommended to walk in the middle lane, so that there is room for sudden changes in the sudden situation, two lanes can walk in the low-speed lane, there is a super lane on the left and an emergency lane on the right. At the time of overtaking, I would enter the overtaking lane. There is a lot of water on the left side of the super lane. It feels like riding the wind and breaking the waves. I have to cut the water beach on the roadside again and again. The resistance of the left tire is very big, and the right tire has relatively no resistance. This makes it easy to pull you towards the guardrail. At this time, hold the steering wheel with both hands and keep the lane. Why is it so impressive that I encountered a bicycle accident in the back, from the collision of the guardrail and the collision of the car, and I speculated that the left tire should be tightly held, the steering wheel was not clenched, and the guardrail was hit. And it has been rotated at least one turn on the road, and the vehicle is completely out of control, which is still very dangerous.

3, suddenly there is red in front of the eyes, it will slightly slow down, ready to slow down. See the red including the front brake lights seen from the front glass, the traffic lights in the distance, the isolation piles on the roadside, and so on.

It is not allowed to drive fast. If there is an accident ahead, it is easy to avoid it. Then we will prevent it from slowing down and keeping it safe.

4, the speed of the car is open, do not run the turtle at high speed, the speed of the car lifted up. The mainstream speed is 100-110km/h. It is recommended that you drive to 115-120km/h.

5. When changing lanes, there is a rear car in the rearview mirror. The full front of the rearview mirror can change lanes. Remember to hit the direction lights in advance. Before you change lanes, take another look and look at it again. Because there are a lot of express trains, you don't know when people will rush from behind. If you are slow, you will come more quickly.

6. When it is more than the bus or bus parked on the side of the road, the slowness must be slow, be careful of the ghost probe.

7, quickly overtake the truck, away from the truck, pay attention to some truck tail lights are dirty, turn signal brake lights are relatively fuzzy, pay attention to identification.

8, encounter the truck, do not follow the car, maybe it will drop things down. What you and your car may not be able to stand down.

9, children do not sit in the passenger seat

10. The center console should not make too many lines, chaos, disturb the line of sight and affect driving.

11, the rear row of seat belts, the rear row of seat belts, the rear row of seat belts

12, do not have too many sundries in the car, one point of weight and one point of fuel consumption.

13. Take the night road and remember to drive the lights. Nowadays, the daytime running lights are basically standard, and the brightness is also good, which causes many owners to forget the driving lights. If you feel that the night control light is glaring, you usually don't have a driving light, remember to drive the lights.

14. Take the night road and drive the high beam when needed. The high beam lights are really glaring, but you need to turn on the high beam when you need it, so you can get a clearer picture of the road and make a judgment. However, when you can see the other car's lights (whether in the same direction or in the reverse direction), remember to change to a low beam.

15. If you are tired, it is recommended to drink warm boiled water. Really tired into the service area, do not fatigue driving.

I hope that everyone will be safe and safe, go home happily!


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