5 months, 4 weeks ago

 undergraduate in reading, part-time. 

Many people say that students don't want to watch the live broadcast and teachers don't want to be anchors. It's true. 

Have you ever met a naive student like that? 

 is too laggy when you ask students questions, pretend that their network is very easy to avoid questioning. 

Have you ever experienced the embarrassment of students in bed? 

Wear more, please!! 

Have you ever felt that when you were in class, the cat at the student's house suddenly came to scare you? 

What's more embarrassing is that the students also have nm holding the cat in class. 

You beat the king in class thinking I don't know?? 

I don't want face??? 

What's more, I carefully prepared my lessons and did a good job of PPT. All of a sudden, the students said that they would not attend classes, or they simply lost pigeons. Are you sad? 

I don't know if I should say a word about fuel.


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