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ASMR is an abbreviation, the full name is autonomy sensory meridian response, which is called "spontaneous perceptual orgasm response" in Chinese. It also has more popular names such as "intracranial orgasm" and "brain massage". 

Many people have experienced ASMR without knowing it. When an unexpected pleasant song makes your scalp numb, a silent sound of leaves being trampled on makes you feel a layer of gooseflesh behind. This is the ASMR experience. ASMR originated from a discussion group dedicated to discussing such feelings on Yahoo. Com in 2008. Today, we usher in its prosperous period. From video anchor to Super Bowl advertisement, we consciously make use of this feeling to try to bring a pleasant feeling to the audience. At the same time, ASMR is also a response that has not been fully accepted by the scientific community, because it has a strong subjectivity, and there is currently a lack of sufficient sample data for quantitative analysis. 

ASMR is a kind of physical reaction

ASMR is not only an emotional experience, but also a real physical response. It is usually a slight shivering sensation in the body, extending from the scalp at the back of the head to the neck and spine, and sometimes to the whole upper back. We call this reaction ASMR for only 10 years, and some early studies are to prove whether it is a real physical reaction or an imaginary feeling. In one of these studies, 110 volunteers watched ASMR video while monitoring their physiological responses with various instruments. The results showed that their heart rate slowed down three times per minute on average. Compared with the control group who watched the non ASMR video, the skin conductance level of the above-mentioned volunteers also increased significantly, proving that they did produce physiological response. At present, the research of ASMR has been applied to various fields, especially in the field of medicine. Researchers hope to use ASMR to relieve some stress-related diseases, such as insomnia, depression and anxiety. 

No one knows exactly what ASMR is

There are some well-known ASMR trigger conditions, such as whispering, fingertips gently across different media, etc., but not all trigger conditions work for everyone. Different people have different body reactions after triggering ASMR, and there is no scientific explanation for this. Even the professional website "ASMR University", which focuses on the research of ASMR, can only explain why ASMR "may" work so far. The explanation of ASMR is usually based on different trigger conditions. For example, ASMR triggered by whispering is interpreted as the surge of endorphins, which is also a response to hearing parents' voices in infancy. The surge of endorphin stimulates the secretion of dopamine, brings pleasure to people, and sometimes it can combine with opioid receptor to produce slight analgesic effect. Another secretion associated with most ASMR experiences is oxytocin, which can also help relieve stress and pain, and enhance the ASMR experience by increasing the sensitivity of the endorphin receptor. 

 3. Video anchor promotes promotion of ASMR 

The rise of video websites provides an ideal growth soil for ASMR. The active ASMR hosts are often called "ASMR artists". One of the most famous ASMR hosts on YouTube is ASMR darling, whose program subscribers currently exceed 2.3 million, and some videos have played more than 30 million times. In addition to ASMR darling, there are also some ASMR anchors with millions of subscribers on YouTube. Their programs are creative and become a new force that can not be ignored. The most successful case of ASMR video is "something crunchy or soft is crushed by car". In the video, a car has crushed bags of bread, toy balls, screaming chickens, Rubik's cube and other objects over and over again. The video of more than five minutes has gained 886 million hits so far. In other popular ASMR videos, the hosts show their own magic powers, some taste beer, some read books, some brush microphones with different brushes, and some even upload videos that react after watching ASMR videos, one of which has more than 6 million playback times. 

Financial resources behind ASMR

 gibi ASMR video mixing shear

The popularity of ASMR video has made some top anchors earn a lot. For example, gibi ASMR, a popular ASMR anchor, has an annual advertising revenue of 500000 dollars, which is quite good for a 24-year-old girl. Gibi ASMR's main video content is scratching, knocking, and her personal preference of pretending to camp in Japan. Another ASMR host, mekena Kelly, is good at making all kinds of sounds with her hands and fists. Kelly has more than 1 million program subscribers and 500000 fans on instagram. At the age of 13, she earns an average of $900 a day. ASMR anchors are mostly young people born in the Internet era, whose main audience is also peers. Together with game anchors, they have broken the embarrassment of the past that YouTube anchors are popular but unable to realize it. The income of many ASMR anchors is not limited to online advertising. They use their personalized experience to attract the iron fans who are willing to pay for donations. Some anchors also produce and sell personal albums, bringing the gold absorption ability to the extreme. 

 5. ASMR emerging cross-border trend 

In the era of mobile Internet, when something like ASMR becomes popular, it is bound to be stared at by other fields soon. Such cross-border activities often produce some interesting new things. In order to cater to the mainstream technology residential group among ASMR fans, many ASMR anchors began to try to integrate sci-fi role-playing elements into the program, and got a good response. At the same time, ASMR is also marching into the game industry, becoming a new marketing tool. Games like fortress night are more and more popular with ASMR. The advertising industry with a keen sense of smell will not let go of this new trend. Major brands such as dove, IKEA, KFC, etc. have launched ASMR ads, and Jingdong in China has also launched several well received ASMR ads. Of course, there are also some special players in ASMR, such as a female anchor touching a large plush toy pig for a long time, and a video of a chiropractor clucking bones. Some serious ASMR presenters worry that if this trend continues, it will give ASMR a superficial label, which will affect public opinion. 

 6. Landscape painters become pioneers of ASMR 

Bob rose would not know that he would be pursued as a pioneer of ASMR 15 years after his death. The landscape painter devoted his whole life to promoting painting through television. From 1983 to 1994, he presided over 31 series of "happy studio". In this half-hour program, rose taught the audience without painting foundation the skill of painting with fast technique, and completed a painting with the least color and simple decomposition steps. Rose died of lymphoid cancer in 1995. When people summed up the reasons why "happy studio" has been flourishing for a long time, they were surprised to find that the painting skills he taught were just one side. Many audiences were attracted by his soft voice, slow speaking rhythm, and the voice of the brush touching the canvas and palette. They were not concerned about the painting itself. Some audiences will fall asleep in the happy feeling when watching "happy studio", and others will have an ineffable pleasure. Many years later, when ASMR rose, these people realized that it was ASMR reaction. Today, rose has been widely respected by ASMR fans on the Internet, and "happy studio" program has also set off another wave of upsurge on various video websites. 

7. ASMR towards pornography 

There is a certain correlation between ASMR response and sexual pleasure, which makes it easy to be pornographic by nature. Dr. Craig Richard, founder of ASMR University's website, once pointed out that the physical pleasure caused by ASMR video may have a empathic effect on some viewers, making them infatuated with the people or objects that cause such pleasure. Although this kind of empathy is not common, only about 10% of the audience reported that they had similar pleasure when watching ASMR videos, but some ASMR videos inevitably developed towards pornography. This branch, known as "pornographic ASMR", mainly stimulates the brain of the audience through images and actions, combined with ASMR trigger conditions, so that they can have sexual pleasure. Among pornographic ASMR hosts, cleavage is a common behavior. One of the popular hosts on YouTube is valeriya ASMR. She is a full-bodied blonde who is good at using feathers and pronunciation to trigger ASMR response of the audience. The program subscribers are more than 670000. 

 8. Hollywood embraces ASMR 

The trigger conditions of ASMR are highly coincident with the elements of the film, which Hollywood will not ignore. The 2017 film "battle of gender" is the first Hollywood film to integrate ASMR into it. In this film about the 1973 Billie Joan king and Bobby Riggs single tennis match, there is a scene shot in the barber's shop, which restores the barber's soft hand movements, soft background sound and the rhythmic opening and closing sound of scissors. In the TV program, the exploration of ASMR is earlier and more. The title of the American drama "bloodthirsty forensics" is the ASMR of the whole section, as well as the scenes of the Pacific war with charcoal brushes painted on white paper. More and more movie stars, singers and celebrities in other fields have also joined in the exploration of ASMR, such as Chloe sevini, the main actor of the American drama "great love", Julia Garner, the main actor of the black money resort, Ashton Kutcher, Eva Longoria and Russell Brand, who have shot their own ASMR videos. 

 9. ASMR is more than just video 

Although video is the main presentation mode of ASMR at present, it cannot be said that


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