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Don't invite yourself. I'm at home. I just went downstairs. 

We all know that it takes a lot of people to run a society at a high speed

But a society in static operation also needs many people from all walks of life. 

This time, a huge amount of news broke out every day. Behind almost every news, there are a group of professionals. 

I've seen these news on the Internet myself, so I'd like to make a few remarks

 new medical staff: volunteer to go to the battlefield without gunsmoke

Medical students are undoubtedly the main force in this epidemic. 

After the outbreak began, I saw countless medical students voluntarily sign up for the new year's Eve, far away from their hometown, to go to Wuhan, to the front line to support the outbreak, including their own students. Only when I saw the news did I know that there were such stupid people, who didn't care about their future or their remuneration. 

The hardest thing, of course, is for the medical staff on the front line. In order to save precious rescue time, they cut off their long hair just to make themselves "wear hats, protective clothing and go to war". Some female students are crying when they are cutting their hair, but although they are sad, none of them give up cutting their hair, because they all know that time is life in the field of epidemic situation. If you save one minute, you may save one life! 

At the moment, they chose to be bald and give up their long hair; they chose to be a fighter fighting against death rather than a young girl in the flower season. 

In this epidemic, the medical students gave up a lot and didn't have the chance to go to the front line. They also used online consultation, online Q & A and other ways to soothe the countless panic emotions and increase everyone's confidence in overcoming the epidemic! 

In addition to the medical staff, other professional students also sparkled in the outbreak. 

Next, I will talk about the contributions of different specialties in the anti epidemic from the four aspects of 
 life, food, housing and transportation. 

 waiter: it's better not to let the family know about it

For Shouguang farmers, planting vegetables is their specialty. In this epidemic, they donated 350 tons of vegetables. 

Thankfully, they just had a disaster last year, but they don't hesitate at this moment. 

The vegetables and fruits donated by Shandong Province should be able to earn a lot of income. 

Farmers are not rich. I hope the government will give them subsidies this year. 

There are also medical staff on the front line. They certainly don't make their own three meals a day. 

Usually, some people's specialty is to deliver food, but they are definitely not for money at this moment! 

 program Ape: spontaneous 007, using the blockchain to build a [material docking on the chain] platform 

In this epidemic, 
 "enough materials" is a problem that runs through all the time 
, but in fact, a large part of the reason for the material emergency is not that the materials are not donated enough, not that the money is not enough, but that the information is poor and the information is not equal. The professional term is: the information on the supply side and the demand side is seriously mismatched. 

A few days ago, I saw that the programmers of ant financial blockchain spontaneously organized into a development team. It took only four or five days to launch an information disclosure platform for epidemic prevention materials. 

In order to launch the project as soon as possible, there are often people releasing the code at 3 or 4 a.m., the first batch of people just fell asleep, and the second batch of programmers are fighting again! Everyone sleeps less than five hours a day! 

The blockchain specialty can be used where it is most needed. From then on, the number of masks and protective clothing needed by any hospital can be transparently publicized. In the future, users can donate every mask, every dollar, where they have arrived, they can trace back, and no one can tamper with it. Transparent material flow makes everyone feel more at ease. 

 machinists: huoshenshan knows that you are tired at the scene

In order to make more patients have beds to live in, leishenshan mountain of Huoshen mountain appeared. Students who can drive cranes, forklifts, electric welding, command signals, climb tower cranes, mechanical design and theory majors, have invested in this 10 day battle. 

In the live shot of the construction in front of the three trees, we saw countless people working day and night, among which the students majoring in mechanical design and theory were just small color blocks of less than 1 cm. 

When they are sleepy, they sit on the concrete floor and fall asleep. When they are tired, they stand against the cold wall for a while, and when they slow down, they immediately fight. They have to wear masks anytime and anywhere. A lot of work makes their breathing difficult. They often feel a little lack of oxygen. But for the sake of the epidemic, they bite their teeth and stick to it! 

Ten days, a wasteland into a hospital that can hold thousands of people! 

This is the strength of Chinese workers and the speed of students majoring in machinery. 

Especially to hang a person, I served the big brother who built the hospital and donated his salary! 

Students of 
 Road Administration: you are isolating virus in the cold weather

Every student majoring in road administration is a checkpoint to prevent the spread of the virus. I saw the anti epidemic story on the Guangdong Expressway in Guangzhou Daily two days ago. 

Li Yanyan is a new road administrator on Chaohui expressway. When the epidemic hit, the traffic on the highway he was in charge of suddenly was huge. His colleagues were busy all night, and the highway crossing was still in a mess. 

Considering his new arrival, the leader asked him to stay in the rear to sort out the materials. But Li Yanyan put forward a "protest", he insisted to go to the front line, and his teammates to measure the temperature of the vehicles, disinfect, tell the car owners to wear masks and go out less, and tell them how to prevent the virus. 

Every day, he would be busy from early morning to late night, standing for a long time, making his calves swollen! Overworked work made him ill, but after only half a day's rest, he returned to the "battlefield"! Over the past ten days, he has inspected countless vehicles. He has made careful inquiries and disinfection for each vehicle, and has done a good job in preventing the virus from spreading into a wave. 

When the students majoring in road administration unite, the highway entrance is the wall where the virus cannot enter. 

Clothing, food, housing and transportation also include all aspects that we can't see. For example, the hydropower and coal grid that we are used to at home, we can't do without the support of these enterprises behind us. In addition to these life needs, there are more professionals who are serving the public and providing continuous support for medical staff. For example -

 insurance claims adjuster: 15 days of continuous work, more and more respect for medical staff

In this epidemic, the launch of the new anti epidemic security fund for medical staff has made everyone feel at ease. 

Ant insurance students only spent 13 hours to launch the project - behind this speed is to give up actuarial work, take a blind budget, and ignore the gains and losses, just to quickly become the most powerful support for medical staff ahead. 

 Alipay insurance medical personnel claims auditor, many people began to work from the third year of the new year, for example, a student named Xin Jin, who has been working continuously since January 27th, and most of the time she is staying alone. 

Thank you insurance students, because of you, let the unfortunate medical staff get the compensation. 

In the end, I would like to say that it is not so difficult to make contributions to the epidemic with my own specialty.. 

I see that in this epidemic, not only the medical staff, but also everyone and every professional are soldiers. 

English professional soldiers can help charities purchase protection materials from overseas

The soldiers of history can draw lessons and soothe people

The professional fighters of marketing can use their appeal to gather teams and deliver materials


Every major, in this outbreak, is flashing a unique light. 

Make good use of our major, give full play to the advantages of each major, we will win this battle!


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