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Now the zombie movie is more and more scientific, in "zombie war" there are active infection virus to get immunity to zombie virus infection settings. So does this exist in reality? Is it possible? 

Yes, it does exist to immunize another virus by infecting it. The most common one is the principle of vaccine. Although I think what the questioner wants to know may not be the answer, let's just say it. 

 brief introduction to vaccine principle 

The core strength of human anti-virus is immunity. After some viruses infect the human body and recover, the patients will never infect again. This is because the human body's way to fight against the virus is to synthesize antibodies. After the virus invades the human body and is passed through a series of immune cells, it will differentiate into a special plasma cell. Its internal genes have been rearranged and can synthesize some special structural proteins, namely antibodies. 

 the shape of the antibody is generated to adhere to the virus. In the body fluid, the virus and the antibody combine to form a mass and lose their freedom. After the white blood cells swallow and digest the virus mass, the virus is cleaned up. In the infected human body, some plasma cells will be preserved together. In the next invasion of the same virus, the plasma cell backup will be started quickly, and a large number of antibodies will be secreted to eliminate the virus before the formation of climate. 

? It's not, as long as the immune system can recognize the protein on the surface of the virus, there are two main methods: one is to infect people with a virus that is the same as the surface protein of the virus, but not fatal (including the attenuated virus cultured by people), so the antibody produced is equally effective; the other is to inject the destruction and inactivation of the fatal virus into the human body, and the surface protein in the virus fragments can still To trigger the body's immune system to produce antibodies. 
These two vaccines correspond to the first artificial vaccine in history - cowpox, and the first inactivated virus vaccine (developed by laboratories in the United States and France almost at the same time in the late 19th century). 

 have you heard of HepG? 

 of course, I know what the questioner wants to ask is not such an old vaccine problem. He is probably wondering if there is any kind of virus that can produce "this position I have taken up. The new coronavirus is still on the side of you". Here is an example, but it can not be applied to the coronavirus. 

 we know that many liver diseases are named after heavenly stems, such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C What's the maximum? To Xin Gan, there are eight! 
One of them is very special, especially hepatitis G, which ranks the seventh in the ranking. Although it is also a viral infectious disease mainly infected with liver, 99% of the people may not have heard of it. Hepatitis G virus is commonly referred to as HGV or gbv-c. 

 the reason why we don't know about this virus is that it has achieved peaceful coexistence with human beings under the long-term scouring, and the infected people have almost no symptoms of disease, which is why the hospital never does Check for this virus. 
But not being pathogenic doesn't mean HGV has no effect. In fact, people haven't paid attention to HGV for a long time because of its "low profile". But with the development of human molecular biology, scientists began to recognize the special features of the virus from some new perspectives. 


 HGV, as a virus that can retrogress into human DNA, has been close to the highest level of virus survival. The reason why the body of the infected person has no response is that the immune system has not attacked, that is to say, the virus has become a part of the body of the infected person in a sense. You know, the concept of boundary is very vague in the biological world. About 8% of human genes are infected by retroviruses, in the course of hundreds of millions of years of evolution. 

 once a "peace agreement" is reached with human beings, the virus will form a community of interests with human beings, and the longer human life is, the wider the chance and scope of HGV transmission will be. My interest is your interest, so naturally, some genes of the virus will be used by human beings and become a weapon against adverse environment. 

 and viruses on the virus bar 

So what is HGV's ability? Scientists have found that if a patient is infected with HIV and HGV at the same time, the incidence and deterioration rate of this person will be significantly reduced. It is found that some unknown mechanisms of HGV can increase the number of CD4 + T cells in human body. The original effect of HIV attack is the decrease of T cells, which offsets the symptoms of HIV. 

 besides, HGV has some special abilities. The virus can reduce the expression of some genes, which are responsible for the synthesis of cell surface receptors, and these receptors are not very useful (so some are born naturally No one can infect HIV), but it is a necessary product for HIV to enter the body, which makes it difficult for HIV to invade the cells infected by HGV; not only that, in the cells infected with HIV and HGV at the same time, the replication of HIV will be inhibited; HGV will also strengthen the immune capacity of the human body, including promoting the expression of IFN - γ. 

 it can be seen that HGV and HIV are in the balance, no matter competing with HIV or assisting the human body. Although the current HGV has not completely prevented HIV from entering the cells, it is still in continuous research Next, it is not impossible to transform HGV into a "biological weapon for HIV", so as to achieve the condition of "infecting one virus to avoid another". 
As for whether the coronavirus has such a killer, it is still unknown. We can only say that this possibility cannot be ruled out.


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