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Horie yuegengping and the editor of jump are really amazing. 

They changed the name of Zhihe meatball to something else? Changed to this 
 big shell wooden ball. 

The result was pointed out very quickly. There seems to be something wrong with the big ball

So, how does the relationship between this university and Kyushu University come from? 


The phonetic notation given by Horie is exactly the same as the abbreviation of Kyushu University. 

This Kyushu University is not an ordinary school, but the number one school in Kyushu area and the top ten school in Japan. 

Compared with China, it is about Fudan and the people's Congress. 

In other words, Horie yuenongping's operation is equivalent to a Chinese writer naming his characters "Fu Dan" and "Ren Da". 

So what is the event of "Kyushu University Students' anatomy"? 

 in short, at the end of World War II, Japan shot down a B29 and captured nine American soldiers. Then the Japanese military was doing research on blood substitutes, sending eight people, except the captain, to Kyushu University for human experiments and vivisection. 

In other words, Horie changed the name of 731 to that of Kyushu University. I don't know how to evaluate it. 

Surely someone will ask, this kind of homophone may also be a coincidence. Is Horie really referring to this? 

At first, I doubted it, and then @ Buster reminded me when we discussed in the group why we should take the surname of 
 shell wood 

At first glance, the pronunciation of this surname is marked by "〥き", which should be "し〥き" from Deadwood. 

But if it's to emphasize the connection between the doctor and deadwood, why not just write Chinese characters as deadwood in the younger direction, in the middle two, or more suitable for pronunciation, rather than as 
 shell wood 

I searched Yahoo! Japan. The word "
 shell wood 
 was coined by Horie Yue. No one in Japan uses this word. 

Well, let's take a look at the meaning of the word in the Japanese dictionary. 

There are two kinds of kana in Japanese, namely 

 it can be obtained by looking up the same character (shell) as Horie's phonetic notation - 

Really have you, Horie Yue, the stem of this name originally is 
 corpse · nine major 

Even if you take other meanings, "shell wood" is also pointing to "only shell wood" or "used up wood". Well, the former is the hollowed out body (wood), the latter is the used up body (wood). 

It's estimated that Horie is still complacent now - it's so frustrating for me to change my new name. I'm so arrogant. 

Add an explanation. Some friends think that the name is a villain of Kyushu University, which has done human experiments. In fact, it is not. 

Just like the former name, the combination method is: bacteria / bacteriologist + big road. A neutral word with a subtle connection to the event + a word that points to the victim. 

The name of this time is also: corpse + Kyushu University, a word that points to the victim + a neutral word that has a subtle connection with the event, but Horie has reversed the order. The naming logic is consistent. 

If Horie really wants to criticize these events and has a normal view of history, he will directly use the names of the main culprits in 731 and the nine major anatomical events. 

Like those who take Nazis as villains, they will use Hitler and the ten thousand character flag to point out clearly, rather than let the villains call them "Germany". 
Although it's only speculation, in terms of Horie's previous naming style, it's the way the goods are played. 

I hope all of you on Twitter and 4chan at ordinary times will introduce the deep meaning of this name to us friends and introduce it to them as "Kyushu University vivisection event". (funny


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