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There is no problem with the authenticity. The official media of India on the oil pipeline have reported it. The latest development is that female students at Gargi University have gone on the streets. The most controversial issue in this incident is not sexual harassment, but "systematic sexual rape culture", which mainly exposes the vicious role of the police in group incidents against women. They should have been rescuers and the victims' best hope. However, in this case, the police are the fuel and accomplice. This is not only a protest against sexual assault, but also a protest against the acquiescence, connivance and shielding of the whole Indian society. 

The most controversial point of the whole incident can be seen in this picture. 

Red brick is the wall of Gargi University. Many unknown men outside the university are all crowded inside. One by one, they turn the wall inside. The police in the red circle did nothing but watch it happen. 

This is what we call "rape culture.". 

There are all kinds of crimes in a social system. However, if there is a kind of crime, which is connived by law enforcers and connived by bystanders, the offenders often do not feel that they are committing a crime. 

I am particularly worried about this picture:

A group of drunk young men stood at the door ready to climb inside. The photographer is a girl in school. Seeing countless men at the gate peeping and climbing inside the school, they were shooting with what a fear. But in front of the camera, they are happy "than V". 

Looking at their smiles, I feel that they may not really know that they are committing a crime. 

Because if the soil of the whole society acquiesces in "sexual assault", and encourages materialization and enslavement of women, how can these men call "crime" when they molest women on the street? 

In particular, this kind of "large-scale sexual harassment" shows that it is a systematic problem, not just a sexual assault. 

Our understanding of sexual assault is developing little by little. From the earliest original sin of "sexual desire", many of us have realized that the focus of sexual assault is "violence", not "sexual desire". Its essence is the violent crime against the weak body, but it takes place in the form of sexual penetration. 

But this is only a single point of relationship analysis between "people". 

We need to further realize that sexual assault and harassment are not only the persecution of individuals, but also the persecution of a relatively vulnerable group by the social system. Including legislation, law enforcement, social values and so on. 

For example, in the case of sexual crimes in Colleges and universities, we have seen how institutions systematically protect criminals and suppress victims. The incident at the Indian women's University highlighted the "connivance" and "Inaction" of the police in dealing with sexual harassment. 

Don't talk about "cutting for ever". The root of sexual assault is never sexual desire, but the society has set a specific group as "the object that can be taken and played with at any time". 

Sexual desire can be castrated. What about violent tendency, conquering desire and non penetrating sexual behavior? 

This is not a problem that can be solved by a knife or a needle. 

These problems depend on rivets and gears in social institutions to press them to death.


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