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 bad habits? After "Tik tok" and "Li Ziqi", the paper money has become the successful model of three major foreign cultural exports. 

Let's watch the "ancestor money" video on the oil pipe. The highest click volume is 10W +. It's a clean stream~

In fact, the origin of this incident is that there is a black girl on the Internet who sent a "Koi twitter". 

It said that after burning money for her ancestors, she suddenly got financial aid, and even left school a year later, she could continue to go to school. 

After seeing the news, everyone forwarded it for good luck! (the hearts of Koi are the same all over the world)

With more and more people's attention and inquiry, the girl simply shared her experience of burning Styx on the Internet. 

In the video, she took a note with a face value of 100 billion, larger than A4 paper and began to explain it carefully. 

The notes are also printed in Chinese:

Ancestors bless future generations to get rich every day!! Is there any grounding gas. 

Foreign friends also gave Styx a very earthly name - "ancestor money", which was officially issued by Tiandi bank. 

Ming coins gradually became popular in foreign countries. Many foreign friends expressed their hatred for this way of sacrificing ancestors. 

There are many "ancestor money burning" tutorials on the Internet, which teach you how to correctly carry out the ceremony, how to burn, what to burn, etc. 

They are not vague about the paper money, even very serious and grand. 

The altar, photos of ancestors, wine, cigarettes, food, candles and the most important paper of ancestors are not inferior to the authentic "local people". 

When it comes to the back, people like us burn not only paper money, but also villas, cars, airplanes, yachts, mahjong and so on. 

Everyone's eyes are particularly bright in the fire, and each expression is expressing:

Please bless my health, enter Harvard, become rich overnight, face value Pop Watch, lottery often win. 

There is also a foreign brother who is obsessed with "ancestral money". Every time he travels to a country, he will burn money for his grandfather. 

He said that grandfather didn't go out to see the world when he was alive, so now he can only give him money from all over the world, so that grandfather can also have money to travel around the world below. 

Birch, an American friend, even wrote a book called burning the thread. 

Starting from the contemporary life world, this book explores the origin of paper money in history, the role of paper money in ancient and modern social forms, cultural logic, and the relationship with other customs in China and even the world, and puts forward grand anthropological questions about its value essence. 

No matter from the practical experience or from the theoretical framework, the book "burning money" provides an important reference for us to study the issue of Chinese folk belief. 

Have you ever written a folk custom book? It has also become a reference for us to study folk beliefs. 

In addition to cultural research and exchange, friends and businessmen are also involved in the economic market. 

Seeing that the market of "ancestral money" will be robbed by the Chinese, everyone has launched their own country's Styx. 

For example, here's the dollar version

"Euro version"

"Sterling edition"


How could the "banking market" which was hard to beat be easily ceded? China's Tiandi bank immediately began to fight back. 

According to the national conditions and folk customs of each country, paper money with different amounts, styles and functions is published and sold on Amazon. 

On the domestic express platform, there are stores that directly face global consumers. No matter which country you are in, if you place an order on the express platform, you can receive the paper money of "Tiandi bank". 

The online and offline paper products have become popular, which directly enriches the origin of China's paper products - Beizhuang, Hebei Province. 

Under the benefit of e-commerce platform, the annual value of funeral products business in this small village reaches several billion yuan. It not only solved the problem of tens of thousands of local employees, but also almost monopolized 90% of the world's paper binding sacrifice market. 

No wagons

Property certificate of new 

In 2015, another company named Guangdong Yixiang folk culture Co., Ltd. was listed on the new third board. Yes, you are right. China's first paper stock! 

The Styx produced by this company is mainly used for export and sold to overseas Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. 

Dollar Styx

Singapore style Styx

Malaysian Styx

In addition to being the first listed Ming coin export company in China, Yixiang company also has a wish to do "Ming paper Internet +", develop and build traditional folk custom applications based on the Internet, and use the Internet to promote folk custom. 

It is estimated that there will be many "blockchain paper money" companies in the future. Please polish your eyes! 

Our funeral products in China not only make money on the e-commerce platform, but also develop on the way of fine brand. 

In June this year, at the museum near the Eiffel Tower, we held an art exhibition called "paradise of bliss" in France. 

It is rated as "one of the ten must see exhibitions in Paris this summer" by French art guide magazine! The main exhibition product is the paper objects burned to ancestors, attracting foreign friends from all over the world to watch. 

There are western style villas and Chinese style teahouses. Each table, bench and painting is as delicate as the real thing. 

In particular, this Chinese style mansion is so lively in the warm yellow light. I can even imagine how happy it is for my relatives to live in such a house in another world. 

In terms of diet, there are red wine Western food, Beijing hot pot, Japanese cuisine, Korean stone pot rice It's almost full of people. 

There are also our traditional spirit house, door god, dragon and lion dance, mahjong table. 

No matter how delicate the front of these buildings is made, they all have one feature, that is, the bamboo frame is hollowed out at the back. 

A paper binding shop owner said that this kind of "there is no back before" is to ask everyone not to look back, to look forward. 

Just like we burn some paper, we hope our relatives can have a better life in another place, and we should learn to look forward. 

The paper ties displayed at another exhibition are all the latest popular products. 

There are mobile phones, computers, luxury clothes, shoes, bags and so on. It's like going to a department store in the underworld, just like staying with foreign friends. 

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