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Reprint Guangming Daily's comments on this matter. 

(in contrast, rationality, objectivity, peace are much more important, and judgment is made at a higher level.)

When the epidemic situation was tense, a poem of Tang Dynasty caught fire, which was also unexpected. The reason is that the so-called "Japan pays more attention to traditional culture" is not only that. This sentence has never disappeared. It can be found in many Tang poetry anthologies in China and Japan. The reason why the poem attracts people's attention is that it is familiar and unfamiliar. 

Familiar, because it comes from Tang poetry, how many people have been affected since childhood; unfamiliar, because in the current epidemic situation, 
 how many slogans are labeled as "hard core", widely spread and even talked about, this kind of elegant expression is too different. 

Imagine how many slogans and slogans we have seen in this period of time, such as "this year's visit, next year's visit to the grave", "New Year's greeting is harmful, dinner is to find death", "return to the village with illness, unfilial children" and the slogan "green mountains together with clouds and rain, how could the moon ever be two townships?" how can we not let the hearts of the people shake and how can we not be angry? 

This is not to say that "green mountains are the same as clouds and rain, and the moon has never been two townships" is certainly superior to "Wuhan refueling". The latter is simple, bright, easy to remember and easy to understand, which can play a role of rallying people's hearts in a short time. 

 it's just a Tang poem, which makes many people see a sense of civilization in the so-called "hard core" slogan. This sense of civilization is concerned with the decency of language, the profundity of emotion and the appropriateness of behavior. 

From the beginning of the epidemic, "containment" of Hubei people, leakage of personal information, closed doors, to now, netizens have revealed that Wuhan license plate car was smashed, renters can not enter the community, property ownership card access, and so on, all kinds of behaviors are really dazzling. 
 ignoring laws and contracts and creating a chain of discrimination are not the landscape of a civilized society. 

Language and behavior are the same structure of thinking. In some places, there are banners saying "go out and break your legs, and hit your teeth back." in some places, it's no surprise that some people are too aggressive. 

 poetry is poetry after all, and slogans are slogans after all. It's just the mode of thinking and the sense of civilization behind it, which is more thought-provoking. This sense of civilization is a belief in the rule of law, empathy with compatriots and respect for individual rights. 

 civilization is delicate 
, so we can't rough deal with complex social activities in a "one size fits all" way under the banner of epidemic prevention. 
 civilization has its dignity. It's just like in the urgent assistance, it doesn't prevent us from writing a sentence: "the green mountains are the same as the clouds and the rain, and the bright moon is not the two townships." 
 the situation is urgent, but there is no place for goodwill, consideration and sympathy. 

"Qingshan is the same as Yunyu, and the moon is not the same as the two townships" is a Tang poem used by the Japanese and understood by the Chinese. 
 the common emotional expression of human beings, even the sentence of a thousand years ago, resonates with people in different countries and different times. 

It can be seen that good things have their own resilience and penetration. While the epidemic is still continuing, we must not relax the value that civilized society must adhere to.


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